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Yearbook Staff 

PHOTOGRAPHY — Mike Zotos, Laura Golino, Martha Fink (Editor) 

ADVERTISING — Neal O'Brien, Bill Reynolds, Rick White (Editor) 

PRODUCTION — Jenny Driscoll, Maribeth Dolan, Betsy Taylor, Andrea Carroll (Editor) 

ART — Kim Daniels, (Cover), Cyn-dee Mulligan, Debbie Seavey (Editor) 

PROOFREADING — Cindy Yeomans (Editor) 

UNDERCLASSMEN — Kathy Anderson. E. T. Price (Editors) 

LAYOUT — Dan Neelon, Jeanne Viola (Editor) 

BOYS SPORTS — Stuart Millard, Dan Blakeman, Greg Meallo (Editor) 
GIRLS SPORTS — Ann Whelan, Jill Basmajian (Editor) 
SALES — Lee Carroll (Editor) 

ACTIVITIES AND ORGANIZATIONS — Kana Brennock, Annemarie O'Connell, Debbie 

Goyette. (Editor), Alison Tye (Editor) 

SENIORS — Pam Tillotson, Lisa Montuori (Editor) 

CO-EDITORS— John Buckley. Marycarol McNeill 




We, the class of 1977, dedicate our yearbook to one who has been, our capable 
teacher, our energetic coach, and our trusted advisor. She has served as a basketball 
coach, helping eighth grade girls to become tomorrow's varsity stars. At several of 
the dances our class has held in past years, she has given of her time to chaperone 
even though she was not a class advisor. This year, as one of our official class advi- 
sors, she worked long hours to organize our two most important functions, our prom 
and our graduation. Whether getting sizes for caps and gowns, ordering diplomas or 
just being our friend and teacher, she has devoted much time and energy to our class. 

We thank you, we appreciate you and we dedicate our yearbook to you. Miss 
Annemarie McGann. 


This Ptm Sponsored by A FRIEND 


Vice-President — KEVIN LYONS 

.1 1 

tt 4s>' .. -'• 



Days of mirage fading away like water" 

■A ■ 

1 r/ 



"I was gratified to be able to answer promptly, and I did. 
I said I did not know." Likes — Mary Hartman. travel, 
foreign sports cars. Boston, disco, airports, surprises, 
English accents. Tab, winning, the sun. thunderstorms, 
foggy days, and white Christmases. Dislikes — peas, 
making decisions, waiting, mosquitoes, getting ripped 
off. the shop. V.C.. snakes. Remembers most — Aug. of 
19 7 3, April of 75, and April 15. 1974, July 10, 1976. 
Favorite expression — "Everything is copesthetic." 
Ambition — to travel the world a few times and be a mil- 
lionaire. Activities — High School Band 1-4; Student 
Advisory Board; Art Club; Yearbook; High Times; 

"Barky," "Jeff" 

The people don"t decide their government — the govern- 
ment decides the people Likes — Suzie, skiing, summer, 
good tunes, brew, Daryl Martini, The Cosmic Muffin. 
Sandy Beach, food. Dislikes — Sandy Barf (beach) rave, 
7 6. blue Corvettes, no FM. Usually seen with — Suzie, 
the more elite elements of society. Noted for — being 
the only one in the class who likes Led Zepplin Ambi- 
tion — to ski the Innsbruck downhill at 80 m.p.h. Secret 
desire — to fly a plane to Columbia and return safe and 
sound with a good coffee cargo Remembers most — 
Aug. 5. 1975 at 12:00 midnight Wants to forget most — 
Aug 5, 19 7 5 at 12:00 midnight Cause of death — skiing 
the Innsbruck downhill at 81 m.p.h. Favorite expression 
— X = 314 (6.02 x 1023) ,8.046. Leaving thoughts — If 
I left my thoughts, I wouldn't do very well in college, 
would I? 



"Growth can get to be a deadly game." Likes — arti- 
chokes, happy unbirthdays, the Alternative school, 
dreaming, cartoons, and dance. Remembers most — 
dancing on the sea wall. 4 dollars, ice pickles, the heavy 
champagne bottle and the squirrel, Jr. ADF, the Angel, 
and Godspcll Usually seen with — Morag 


"Sha" "Motorhead" 

"There is a reason for everything " Likes — Stephen, 
reality, fastback mustang, working on car engines, 
WROR, music, thunderstorms, babies, making some- 
thing out of life so that I'm satisfied, for everyonels 
good, keeping my mind and body busy, sunshine. Dis- 
likes — the way of the world Usually seen with — Ste- 
phen. Noted for — saying hi to just about everyone, 
greasy hands Remembers most — Dave B., Penn, Ed 
Madge, a certain Ford lover. Wing-ding's white 66 VW 
bus. Favorite hangout — Stephen's car, Vo-Tech., my 
house, his house. Cause of death — "The Jews." Pet 
peeve — pancake syrup on my neck. Worst horror show 
— to see someone other than the W's own the bus. 


"Baz" "Jilly" 

"Dost thou love life? Then waste no time, for time is the 
stuff that life is made of." — B. Franklin. Likes — hon- 
esty, sports, music, traveling, being busy, my family and 
Merlin, Alt. school, fires, chocolate, seahorses, laughing, 
R&C's. Dislikes — making decisions, lack of time, ruin- 
ing red, homework, being slow, gossip, ranks, fakes, hot 
dogs and beans. Usually seen with — the rest of the 
C.C.'s. Favorite expression — "Jeesh!" Secret desire — 
find that nice Armenian boy. Remembers most — Dad, 
times with Linden Drive gang, Reed's Beach, slciing 
trips, 2-week pa-d, trip to Japan, S.O. raves, Simon and 
munch with Tenaj. Wants to forget most — Martha's 
Vineyard, and the 3 wet ones, the drive-in, first Kippu 
Cause of death — skiing. Activities — Field Hockey 1,2; 
Basketball 1 - 4; Powderpuff 3, 4; Tennis 3; Band 4. 
Yearbook 4; Class Treasurer 1 - 4. 

1 1 


"Oh Gcxi. grant that I may not so much seek to be con- 
soled as to console; to be understood as to understand, to 
be loved as to love For it is in giving that we receive, it is 
in pardoning that we art pardoned, and it is in dying that 
we are born to eternal life." Likes — Woodstock, close 
friends, my family. Pebbles, people, munchin out. lob- 
sters, whitehead, singing, smiling. P P C . reunite, walks 
on the beach, my class. Dislikes — fires, fights. Donald 
before 8:00, Richard after, lying and mistrust. Usually 
seen with — Diny. Diann. Sue. Joann, Jeanne Remem- 
bers most — 11/15/76. scamp patrol, tyrol and G D , 
Geronimo, orange plus. Woodstock R.B., fires, the 
rathskellar, midnight capsizing, living with Diny and 
Diann, GODSPELL, senior plays, S.S.B.E.N.G.B.E. 
Wants to forget most — car accidents, past crushes, Ann 
and name calling. G B. memories. Twenty years from 
now — in a nunnery, not believing anyone. 


" 'You're wrong' means 'I don't understand you' — I'm 
not seeing what you're seeing. But there is nothing 
wrong with you. you are simply not me and that's not 
wrong." Likes — the spring, fall, walking, suntans. skat- 
ing, Cohasset, french fries, sunrises, being happy, British 
accents. Cadillacs. Limousines, the ocean, big eyes, ani- 
mals, art. Dislikes — arguing, gym. worrying, being late, 
good-byes, unfinished or unaccomplished projects, jeal- 
ousy, cloudy days. Usually seen with — Maureen. Favor- 
ite expression — "I know!" Ambition — to pass gym. 
Secret desire — to become a top fashion designer. 
Remembers most — Boston Common ' 7 3, 7/5/75, New- 
Year's Eve '75. chinking, swimming. 10th and 11th 
grade, long talks with Maureen, riding bikes to the beach 
at 5:00 in the morning, 4/17/75 B.B, summer 16. 
Wants to forget most — gym classes. Worst horror show 
— drenched in Boston, toothpaste box. 10/11/75,9/17/ 
76. Twenty years from now — Paris. 



"A bad plenty is no plenty at all" Likes — too much but 
nothing more than skiing, skiing, and skiing Dislikes — 
not being able to study. UNPERCEPTIVENESS. Usu- 
ally seen with — piles of books Noted for — anything 
and every thing Favorite expression — "Pass the bones to 
Henry Jones 'cause Henry don't eat no meat'" Ambition 
— to buy without owing Remembers most — the past 
l 7 years. Wants to forget most — Peugeot damage 
Favorite hangout — the gallows Cause of death — bro- 
ken bones Pet peeve — riding blue aardvarks bareback 
while chewing on Peruvian eggplants. 



"Under the bridges, over the foam, wind on the water, 
carry me home." — Graham Nash. Likes — sailing, the 
ocean, J.C., Pie, summer, getting mail, sunny days, clear 
nights, thunder and lightning, good quotes, lasers, going 
home, gin-rummy, spring, MGs. Dislikes — goodbyes, 
cold weather, bad moods, being wet and cold, milk, argu- 
ments, racing in heavy wind. Usually seen with — my 
preppy friends. Favorite expression — "Think light!" 
Ambition — to sail around the world single-handed. 
Secret desire — to play my guitar well. Remembers most 
— July 25, September 6, 1976, C. H., eighteenth birth- 
day. Wants to forget most — that parry. Favorite hang- 
out — C.Y.C. Cause of death — falling overboard. 
Worst horror show — getting lost driving home from 
Hanover. Twenty years from now — I'll be half way 
around the world — if I haven't fallen overboard first. 


"There is little gain without pain." Likes — surfing, 
swimming, my mother's beef stew, summertime, foot- 
ball, games, winning, oranges, good parties, good raves, 
cold ones, and a little bit of crazed. Dislikes — home- 
work, dull classes, calling it a night, losing. Usually seen 
with — the Ravers. Noted for — aqua lungs. Favorite 
expression — "You know what I say." Ambition — to 
surf on the north shore of Hawaii. Remembers most — 
Varsity locker room, cigar smoke, waking up at the 
beach, cruising to the Cape, Andre's house, Middleboro 
game '76, 44. Wants to forget most — blue lights in 
Hull, a midnight swim in the town pool. Favorite hang- 
out — Rocky beach. Cause of death — overloaded. Pet 
peeve — not enough. Worst horror show — there's been 
so many I can't remember which one was worst. Twenty 
years from now — Governor of Hawaii. Leaving 
thoughts — "Smile it's over." Activities — Football 1 - 4; 
Track 3 -4; Band 1 -2. 


"Kris" "Kristabelle" 

"Think not you can guide the course of love; for love, if 
it finds you worthy, shall guide your course." — Anony- 
mous. Likes — mountaintops, meeting people, jeeping, 
deep discussions, freedom, moonlight, hayfields, blazers, 
fitness, my noble beast. Dislikes — saying good-bye, 
lame and sick horses, Harvey Wallbangers, when my car 
dies. Usually seen with — Joan, Laura, Cindy, and Mike. 
Ambition — Moscow 1980 Remembers most — Bert 
and Elmer Fudd and Doc, ch and ch in ch. Agony Hill, 
Cindy's eraser, "Sam." Wants to forget most — 3:00 
A.M. on 7/11/76, Agony Hill. Pet peeve — obesity' 
Twenty years from now — my ambition will still be to 
ride in the Olympics, 2000 (someday I'll make it?!!!) 




"You will probably forget anything I have to say here 
Think of me anyway." 

"Jackie Jock" 

"Winning isn't everything — it's the only thing." Likes 

— winning, hockey, running, Lisa, iced tea, water skiing. 
Stairway to Heaven, family. Kipper, coaching, being 
with friends, #11, Friend from Randolph. Dislikes — 
losing, backstabbers, Mondays, cheaters, phony people, 
wet sneakers, being rushed. Usually seen with — friends. 
Noted for — untied shoe laces. Favorite expression — 
"Huh" Secret desire — If I told you, it wouldn't be a 
secret any more. Remembers most — 12/20/75, 7/2/76, 
combat. Spencer states, working at the school. Wants to 
forget most — 9th grade love life, 7/3/76. Favorite 
hangout — golf course, team room. Worst horror show 

— night with C.S. Twenty years from now — working 
for my brother Bob. Activities — Football 1-3; Cross 
Country 4; Hockey 1-4, Track 1 - 4. 


"Live for today . . . Tomorrow may never come." Likes 

— music, vacations, snow days, missing the bus Dislikes 

— getting up at 5 30 a m.. K.B.'s diet jokes. "THE 
MORNING AFTER." confusion Remembers most — 
49*, "The Ensemble." Koala Bear's 10.000 calorie diet. 
S.F., "Cain and Abel." Karen and the Chair, Mr P in the 
library . "Hamsterness." Ceramics class with Chery l Suth- 
erland Usually seen with — Karen. Cheryl. Dianne. and 
Kim. Activities — Third World Society. Eastern Stars; 
Franklin Field Tennis Center; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. 


n the game of life, as in other sports, you can pick out 
e winners — they're the ones who aren't complaining 
out the officiating." Likes — high-jumping, "Saturday 
ight," heavy-footed driving, and warm nights. Dislikes 
nighttime band rehearsals, jejune classes, swelled- 
aded people, and B-Ball sprints. Usually seen with — 
u and Don. Wants to forget most — the name "Que." 
rtivities — Track 1-4: Basketball 2 - 4. 


"No thing prevents us from being natural so much as the 
desire to appear so." Likes — waterskiing on warm sum- 
mer evenings, scuba diving off Minot's ledge, snowski- 
ing, Pink Floyd, Hendrix at wake the dead levels, my par- 
ents, small parties, Buds, Fridays, sincere people. Dislikes 
— losing, accidents, flashing blue lights, Mondays, stay- 
ing in on Friday nights, Saturday morning, lectures. Usu- 
ally seen with — Dan, Bill B, Joe, Rick, Bill R., Stewart, 
Neal, Dan P., Greg, Bob. Noted for — shades at day, 
shades at night. Favorite expression — "... I mean 
. . .!" Remembers most — going down the Cape with 
the Blakeman brothers with the intention of surfing 
when we never went near the water, beating Sully and 
Walls for the case. Wants to forget most — one rainy 
Saturday morning when I smashed up my father's LTD 
all because of my *($#@<t&*! SAT application. Secret 
desire — to become an astronaut. Leaving thoughts — 
"I'm out o' here." 


"Kana" "Snake" 

"If there's something you want in life, let it run free. If it 
never returns, it was never yours. If it does, love it for- 
ever." Likes — my parents, my friends, water skiing, 
smiles, blue, "Lady," "F," Mac, pistachio, remember 
whens, Bruins and Red Sox. Dislikes — friz weather, 
moods, saying good-bye, being depressed. Usually seen 
with — my friends. Noted for — my accent. Favorite 
expression — "Don't do me any favors!" Ambition — to 
own a Monza 2 + 2. Remembers most — after cast party, 
"my best friend," Lift, 12/28/75, 7/8/76, 3 months with 
Kathy, my grandfather, P. P., races on the bench with 
Mimi, Karen and Andrea. Wants to forget most — 12/3 
/75, S. C, a dying Dodge, sitting on the bench, Curtis 
Compact's cellar, Eagles Concert (it's after I want to for- 
get!). Pet peeve — being the youngest. Treasured posses- 
sion — my family. Activities — Band 1 - 4; Basketball I, 
2; Softball 1-3; Rousers 4; Chorus 1 ; Class Play 4; Year- 
book 4. 



"But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before 
I sleep . ." Likes — Datsuns, '58 Fords, do-dads, 
money, cruisin', certain ladies, the ocean, traveling, 
the clan, eh, Cohasset Pizza Dislikes — certain peo- 
ple, accidents, SAT, ACH, ACT, cocky little kids, 
duplexes, breaking down on cold winter nights Usu- 
ally seen with — Shoo, Jay, and other Blocks Noted 
for — Datsun Lil' hustler pick-up Favorite expres- 
sion — "Whataya doin', Crazy'" Ambition — to 
journey through Sabbath land with Ernie Secret 
desire — to be holier than thou. Remembers most — 
certain parties, raving, cruising, closing the windows 
when it rains. Wants to forget most — a certain Toy- 
ota in the wrong place at the wrong time Favorite 
hangout — cruising land, sea, air Cause of death — 
shot by a jealous husband at age 95 Twenty years 
from now — rich. Activities — Soccer 1, 2; Tennis 2 
- 4, Yearbook 3, 4 (co-editor) ; Band 1 - 4. 

"K. B " 

It takes less time to do a thing right than to explain why 
you did it wrong." Likes — D.S., swimming, Friday prac- 
tices, Cohasset, complaining, Saturday nights, skiing, Fri- 
day night football, short cute girls. Dislikes — Max, Sun- 
days, being confused, CHS, the "SLED", watching the 
game films, losing, nosey people Usually seen with — 
my convertable, Danny, Bo, Billy R., Andre, junior class 
Noted for — always having a brush, white pants, temper, 
always getting the car. Favorite Expression — "Why did 
I do this?" Ambition — to enjoy life. Secret desire — to 
make it through life. Remembers most — under the 
lights at Middleboro, short car rides with a certain junior. 
Wants to forget most — wrapping car around the tree, 
Catler's party, Labor Day 75. Favorite hangout — the 
beach. Cause of death — jealousy. Twenty years from 
now — I'll be a lifeguard at Rocky Beach. Activities — 
Football 1 - 4; Baseball 1. 

"Ted" "Tex" "Lucky" "Kung Fu" 

"Do what everybody says is wrong. I don't believe 
nobody. Takes too long. Change in your mind, well now, 
let me out. I don't believe that kind. Drink my cup . . ." 

— Peter Frampton. Likes — friends, cars, parties, beach, 
cruisin', Pat's home games, Celts, good times, soccer, 
stereos and music. Harvard Football, sailing, concerts, 
summer. Usually seen with — Scott M., Kieran F , Dana 
S , Bill K , Soccer Team, friends Noted for — loud 
music, V W 's, the fridge, never being down Favorite 
expression — "I don't care." Ambition — to do some- 
thing that I want to do, to have a good time being alive 
Remembers most — good things, good times Activities 

— Soccer 2 - 4. 




"Never take good things for granted though they can be 
found everyday. Be thankful for life's priceless treasures 
or the Master will take them away." Likes — my family, 
my friends, raving with Lynda, Mom's machine, week- 
ends, L.C. from N.Y., daydreaming, chinking, a good 
laugh, the summer, swimming. Dislikes — getting shot 
down, being told not to use the car, wobbly knees, get- 
ting up early, not being able to find the keys because 
they're locked in the car. Usually seen with — Lynda, 
Kenny, Birdso, Corbin, and others. Noted for — being 
so wonderful. Favorite expression — "I couldn't believe 
it!" Secret desire — to find out if Mrs. H. misses me as 
much as she says. Remembers most — The Tasting 
Show '76, Catler's party, J.F., Labor Day weekend '76, 
Neil Young Concert. Wants to forget most — 1/17/75, 
a few Scituate parties, the "incident." 


"Sometimes when I am scared, I like to turn on the 
light." Likes — laughter, little kids, seaglass, warm fires, 
late nights, lenient parents, Cohasset, R&C's, credit 
cards, lists, dreams becoming reality. Dislikes — confron- 
tations, chocolate, d eja' vues, dissections, phone calls 
shortened, not being heard, violently blushing, being 
screeched at, "on call." Usually seen with — K. P., 
Kathy, Leese, Dools, J.D., Jude, Fanny, Kim, Lisa, the 2 
Maureens. Noted for — Bicentennial blues, checker cab. 
Remembers most — my friends, JWB, motel night, wad- 
ing in the common, swimming in April, Summer '76, 
Memorial Day photos, July 4, Paris, swim team '75, 
18 + , Loon, Fleetwood Mac, a sea wall in Hull. Wants to 
forget most — le Metro, a family affair, a true friend, 
fruit flies, 8/22/76, burglar alarms. Worst horror show 
— on a certain lawn at 1 a.m. 


"Education sows not seeds in you, but makes your seeds 
grow." Likes — friendship, deep conversations, opening 
doors, music, writing, guitar, changing seasons, Mark. 
Dislikes — lying, people who talk much and say little, 
not knowing how to help. Usually seen with — Mark, 
Bobby, Patti, Ernie, Boyd, Doreen, Mum. Favorite 
expression — "What are ya thinking?" Ambition — to 
help those who bump into and put up walls. Secret desire 

— to understand all that puts pain in my heart and con- 
fuses my mind. Remembers most — 6/11/75, 7/14/75, 
10/4/75, S. Wey. and Cohasset's graduation day '76, 
Christmas '74, my father Wants to forget most — 9/1/ 
75, 9/18/76, "the party," weekend before school started 
'76, reason I met twilight, 8/17/76. Favorite hangouts — 
Lily Pond, my house, the beach. Cause of death — trying 
too hard. Twenty years from now — have my Ph D 
Leaving thoughts — "To all those who enriched my life 

— thanks and best wishes!" 




"If it weren't for the last minute, a lot of things wouldn't 
get done " Likes — my family, friends, sailing, the beach, 
building things, winning, bus rides, Cohasset, Tony's. 
Dislikes — rainy Mondays, homework, losing, writing 
papers, raking leaves. Ambition — to build my own 
house Twenry years from now — retired. Activities — 
Baseball 1 • 4; Basketball 1-3; Soccer 1 - 4 (capt.). 


"Never put yourself down. There are always people will- 
ing to do it for you." Likes — English, intelligent teach- 
ers, realism, spending money, spaghetti, writing, being in 
charge. Dislikes — the process of electioneering, pho- 
nies, P.E., math classes, idols. Noted for — a degree of 
obnoxiousness. Remembers most — A. P. Biology triple 
sessions, the elegant bacteria Bacillus Cereus, 9th grade 
English attack sessions with Mr. Leary, Mr. Sheehan's 
puns. Wants to forget — gym classes at CHS, the entire 
year of 8th grade, Cohasset Colonial Pharmacy, being 
yelled at by pushy teachers with big mouths. Favorite 
expression — "Two r's, two Ps." Twenty years from now 
— making a speech on a soapbox. Activities — Band 1 - 
4; Marching Band 1-4; Chorus 3-4; Barbershop Quar- 
tet 3 - 4; Class President 3; Student Council 3; Editor-in- 
Chief of the High Times; High Times 1 - 4; State House 
Tour Guide 1. 


Likes — my family, smiling faces, Spring, blond hair and 
blue eyes, pickles, food, D. S. Dislikes — rules and regu- 
lations, unfriendly people, people without a sense of 
humor, ten pounds of me. Remembers most — Wompa- 
tuck, walking down the beach in the snow taking pic- 
tures, Maine, moving from Whitman to Cohasset, and 
being a kid. Wants to forget most — losing Powderpuff 
in 1975. Usually seen with — friends. Ambition — to be 
able to make up my own mind. Secret desire — If I told 
you it wouldn't be a secret. Activities — Cheerleader, 
Softball 1 - 3; Yearbook Staff; High Times; Varsity 
Club; Powderpuff. 


'Because you are afraid to love, I am alone . . ." Likes 
— sunshine . . . Remembers most — reflections of baf. 
'BAF) Leaving thoughts — "Goodbye . . . See you in a 

"Joe" "Cat" 

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going." 
Likes — sports, good raves and good ravers, music, 
C,S,N,&Y. frosties, strutting, the outdoors, the 3 
Stooges, my family, weekends, the gulch, vacations. Dis- 
likes — losing, Mondays, rain, no action, conceited peo- 
ple, mosquitos, back slabbers, sleezes, xylophones. Usu- 
ally seen with — the rest of the crew, a few ravers from 
Hingham. Favorite expression — "Get a job!" Ambition 

— to be successful in whatever I do. Secret desire — to 
play for the big red machine of Cincinnati. Remembers 
most — Mr. Sheehan's classes, treasure hunting during 
cross country practice, Mr. Chatterton's rave, the way 
home from Abington 10/24/76. Wants to forget most 

— Richie's jokes, the Monastary Mountain. Cause of 
death — riding shotgun in Isidro's car. Activities — 
Football 1, 2; Cross Country 4, Hockey 1; Baseball 1 - 4 


"We're free to go where we wish and to be what we are." 
Likes — motorcycles, summer, the mountains, gold, 
friendly people, parties. Dislikes — rain, phony people, 
people denying things they know they did, being 
depressed. Usually seen with — John T., Kathy Fig., 
Lindy, Deano, Christie, Jeff D.Joe H., Bob M. Favorite 
expression — "Give me a break!" Secret desire — to 
travel the U.S. on a Harley Wants to forget most — 
CH S. Cause of death — motorcycle accident. Leaving 
thoughts — "I finally made it!" 




Likes — honest people, photography, neat members of 
the opposite sex, reading and being by myself at times 
Dislikes — people who think they know it all but really 
don't, rain, male chauvinists, fast drivers, arguments, and 
lectures Usually seen with — Cheryl Wilmouth, Corlis 
Bouknight, Karen Gleaves, Paulette Jones or Carole 
Quinerly, Patrick, Mrs Burns Favorite expression — 
"You only come around once in life, so grab all the gusto 
you can!" Ambition — to become a dietician Remem- 
bers most — years I went to school in Scituate Favorite 
hangout — Mrs Burns office. Twenty years from now 
— hopefully single 



"Bile" "Coley" 

"You can't draw from good memories unless you make 
regular deposits." Likes — music, jazz, the Cincinnati 
Reds, skiing, pretty girls, playing bass, good rave, Stanley 
Clarke. Lumbo Dislikes — people who put up facades, 
the park. Elton John, colds, being broke Noted for — 
Gibson, shades, the creature Favorite expression — "Dig 
it'" Ambition — to be a successful musician Secret 
desire — to own the Cincinnati Reds, to ski the Olympic 
downhill Remembers most — R T F concert Favorite 
hangout — Paul's Mall, Jazz Workshop Cause of death 
— arthritis Activities — Football 1-2; Baseball 1-4; 
Hockey 1 ; Band 3 - 4 ; High Times 3 - 4. 


"God is first, my friends are second, and I am third." 
Likes — lifeguards, swimming, alligator shirts, field 
hockey, rain, football games, New Hampshire cousins, 
Monty Python, T-shirts, sad movies, victory parades. Dis- 
likes — fights, A PE. papers, milk, losing, good-byes. 
Sunday drivers. Favorite expression — "Hurry up!" 
Ambition — to be on a Toughskin commercial. Remem- 
bers most — the pool, swim team, S.M., C.C, Terry and 
Cookie, 3/75 to 5/75, S.C.P. '75, Kathy W., the two B's 
(K and R), 5 o'clock Mass, Summer '75 with L and L, 
water fights, Humarock, Middleboro game, "Joseph and 
his Technicolor coat." Wants to forget most — 9th 
grade, Abington after Middleboro, sprained ankle, fetal 
pig, Powderpuff '75, asphalt injury. Cause of death — 
bus rides to Middleboro. Treasured possession — S T 
ribbons. Activities — Field Hockey 2 -4; Basketball 2 - 4; 
Softball 2; Rousers 3 - 4; Varsity Club 3 - 4; Track 3 - 4; 
High Times 4, Yearbook 4; Swim Team; Camp Wing 1 - 
2; Powderpuff 3 - 4. 



"Courage — an independent spark from heaven's bright 
throne by which the soul stands raised, triumphant, high, 
alone." — George Farguhar Likes — working down the 
R.I.I, with C.B. and company, singing, dancing, and 
socializing, to love and to be loved, disco music. Dislikes 

— lima beans, not getting through to people Noted for 

— being dramatic. Favorite expression — "BUB," "Oh 
God!" Remembers most — the Summer of "M. sleeping 
in the woods, loving the family even more, the staircase 
in Maine. Wants to forget most — 7/8/70, Grey Hill, 9 
/ 13/76, Favorite hangout — the big room, the Lion. 
Cause of death — laughing. Worst horror show — the 
first five years of high school. Twenty years from now 

— working in a Broadway musical Leaving thoughts — 
Thanks to the Alternative program, I'm a person again. 
Activities — Metro Pathways; Alternative Program. 


"Why do something today, when you can do it tomor- 
row." Likes — parties, running, summertime, the 
Laguna. Jeff's big parties. South Shore Music Circus, the 
beach rave. Dislikes — school, the mornings after, x- 
country practices, stout. Usually seen with — Smiley, Big 
Jeff, Mel, Starsky, Tony Biggs, Frany-O, "panhandler," 
mini Gini. Noted for — "the Eldorado." Favorite expres- 
sion — "I don't believe it." Ambition — to be a lawyer. 
Wants to forget most — Fred's store — Aug. 15, 1975, 
April 4, 1976 at 7:45 a.m. Favorite hangout — "Tony's." 
Cause of death — Frany-O's driving. Twenty years from 
now — dead Activities — Cross Country 1-3; Track 1 - 
4; Senior Class Play. 


ToJ. — "You listen to so much more than I can say, you 
hear consciousness, you go with me where words I say 
can't carry you." — Gibran "The presence of faith makes 
the difference between education and manipulation." — 
Fromm — To all those people out there that I remember 
and love, until then Likes — music. Jazz, piano, Keith 
Jarrett, guitar. George Benson. WERS. sun, people, tra- 
velling, woods, winter walks Dislikes — most Rock and 
Roll, T V Remembers most — the one week in Boston, 
fall term " 7 6. Rashan Roland Kirk and Hampshire Col- 
lege. "Where are you Jordan*." Phillips Hall, the cabin, 
trucking, the trip with Peter, iamming. the small but not 
too big bridge that's green. Tuesdays and astronomy- 
clubs, Sundays and a cold Zap pizza Wants to forget 
most — the last days of N.M.H.. Fall term '75. Mrs 


"Minna" "Minnesota" 

Likes — Chinking, fast boats, parties, back packing, good 
beverages, cold rainy days. Dislikes — lady drivers, Miss 
Coultrip's Mass Media, hot days. Usually seen with — 
Buck, Dan, David, Tom, Dan P., "Mr. Ed," Jay. Noted 
for — appetite. Favorite expression — "How ya doing?" 
Remembers most — the summer of 76, at the harbor, 
Xmas 75, at the lighthouse. Wants to forget most — 
one morning on Pond St., summer of 74, a night at the 
Eudemon with Buck and Big "16." Favorite hangout — 
Big H's office. Cause of death — overdose of chink food. 


"Yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision, 
but today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of 
happiness and tomorrow a vision of hope." Likes — Mr. 
Gilmartin, football victories, being "Italian," skiing, full 
moons, sunsets, BIG eyes, Xmas, making people happy, 
being content, "long talks," that town north of us, par- 
ties, remember whens, receiving Xmas cards, my chip- 
munk. Dislikes — good-byes, "The Ladies" of the class, 
not being able to explain myself, depression, misleading 
people, chemistry, "Killa" one-way communication. 
Remembers most — growing up with Baz, "24 hour 
bug," times with Vicki and Swampi, Summer of '74 and 
'76, my Sophomore year, the line dance. Wants to forget 
most — that certain death, fighting, "The Ladies." Activ- 
ities — Field Hockey 1 - 2; Softball 1 - 4; Rousers 3 - 4; 
Nurses Club 4; Class Representative 3 - 4; Powderpuff 3 
- 4; Camp Wing 2; Basketball 2; Secretary of Student 
Council 4. 


"Learn as if you will live forever, and live as if you will 
die tomorrow" — Joslin Clinic. Likes — coming from a 
big family, Alt. school, winter, spring, summer and fall, 
Mickey, mountains, climbing trees, tea, sign, sombreros, 
the Baz family, my friends Dislikes — grits. Remembers 
most — backpacking trips, N.Y., Stonleigh Castle, Vine- 
yard, the green car, the Bicentennial excursions, Farm- 
house, Softball, Sunlight House, Richard's wedding, cer- 
tain trucks. Activities — Field Hockey 1-2; Basketball 1 
- 2; Powderpuff 3 -4; Band 1 - 4. 




However mean your life is, meet it and live it; do not 
shun it and call it hard names." — Thoreau. Likes — 
moody hair, a silver instrument, the family, my friends, 
sincerity, remembering, mellow music, Handel, Bach and 
Teleman sonatas, the Volvo and a bug, making things, 
creations, my stereo, 88-keyed objects, water-skiing on a 
calm lake, skiing at Leon, honest communication, 
changes, responsibility, small turkey dinners, The Who, 
Alternative School, "long" talks, cheeseits. Dislikes — 
listing names, obnoxiousness, critical eyes, mechanical 
systems, people moving, conformity, impatience, bore- 
dom, destruction, certain tests, mosquito bites. Usually 
seen with — the whole crew Noted for — Mona Lisa 
smile Remembers most — old friends, Sandy Beach, my 
collection of nicknames, an Alt. advisor, a New Year's 
Eve day ski, a faithful friend. Wants to forget most — 
PHWTP, auditions, fruitflies, bacteriology, saying good- 


Likes — food, traveling, music, wild parties, people, 
dreaming, sports, my family Dislikes — homework, has- 
sles, arguing, morning after blues, being told what to do, 
confusion, boredom. Usually seen with — "F" troop — 
Peter Scott, Whitney, and Saint. Noted for — overin- 
dulging. Favorite saying — "How ya doin'?" Ambition 

— to be successful. Secret Desire — to become a disc 
jockey. Remembers most — Golino's party, Jethro Tull, 
Davis and Trayer's Memorial Stadium. Wants to Forget 
Most — 9/24/76. Cause of Death — sleeping. Pet Peeve 

— tests. Twenty years from now — on Broadway. Activi- 
ties — Football 1, 2; Basketball 1 ; Baseball 1 ; Track 3. 


"Some people think it's holding on that makes a person 
strong . . . Sometimes . . . it's letting go." Likes — 
Gary, New Hampshire, remember whens, my family, 
parties, Mr. Di. Dislikes — not too much except insects 
Usually seen with — J.I., W.P , S B , R O , G.L , and 
everyone else. Noted for — nothing. Favorite expression 
— "That's life." "What can I say 3 " Ambition — to move 
out of Mass. Secret Desire — to see K.S. one more time. 
Remembers most — 1/20/73, Halloween night 74, my 
sixteenth birthday, weekends in N.H , B B D , E D T 
Wants to forget most — my sixteenth birthday, my 
sophomore year, Beechwood. 


"Kat" "Kathy" 

Likes — R.B.S., pickles, responsibility, art, ice cream, cof- 
fee yogurt Dislikes — being tired, the "beach", frustra- 
tion, having limited opportunity, guilt feelings Usually 
seen with — too many books, too much to carry, J D , 
and a cup of coffee. R.B S Noted for — "on the rocks," 
being too busy and too serious Secret desire — to manip- 
ulate New York like stirring the olive in a very dry mar- 
tini Twenty years from now — (hopefully) alive, com- 
fortable and living in a studio on Los Van Dyke, B.V.I,, 
with 'foxic's' on the beach Leaving thoughts — 



"Having a friend is being needed, and no matter how far 
apart you are, it's knowing you are close in heart " Likes 
— sensitive people, spring, math, laughing. Mom, foot- 
ball, children, victory parades, eating, pictures, talking 
things out, peppermint ice cream, Oohasset, water skiing, 
being understood, milk, being happy. Dislikes — depres- 
sion, winter, unhappiness, poison ivy, being sick, Mon- 
days, goodbyes, frustration, pressure, being confused, 
horses, being hurt, string beans, lies, sarcasm, Maalox, 
jealousy, being embarrassed. Usually seen with — Deb- 
bie, Scott. Noted for — smile, laughing. Secret desire — 
to be able to yodel. Remembers most — Mr Mac- 
Dermott, football and hockey games, Milton, summer of 
75, Scott, Mr. Reade, the habit and its love, 9th grade, 
Florida, Middleboro game, talks with Deb, happy times, 
survival, Jaws, E period. Want to forget most — 
Virginia, M.H., 5th grade, Powder puff '75, 4/14/76 — 
4/20/76, Bassing's with Miss, the competitor. Home- 
coming '75. Pet Peeve — throwing up 



"There are three faithful friends — an old wife, an old 
dog, and ready money." 



"I call that mind free which resists the bondage of habit, 
which does not mechanically repeat itself and copy the 
past, which does not live on its old virtues, which does 
not enslave itself to precise rules, but which forgets what 
is behind, listens for new and higher monitions of con- 
science, and rejoices to pour itself forth to fresh and 
higher exertions." — William Ellery Channing 


"Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those 
who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for 
those who rejoice; but for those who love, time is not." 
— Henry Van Dyke. Likes — my family, Barry, H. B , 
walking on the beach, cuddling, cold snowy nights, hot 
chocolates, Freddies. Dislikes — "her," being compared, 
Charlie's remarks, lasagna, Dede's height, being the shor- 
test. Usually seen with — Barry, Dona, Andrea, Joanne 
Favorite expression — "You turkey." "Excuse me." 
Ambition — 5'0". Secret desire — if I tell you, then 
you'll know. Remembers most — 7/25/75, Connecticut 
vacation, summer in Texas, one rose, the prom, the 
tracks, crossin' the country with my family in '69 Wants 
to forget most — touch football, 7/6/76-8/13/76, '75 
April vacation. Activities — Softball 1; Future Nurses' 3, 

"Kathy" "Kath" "K. D." 

"I expect to pass through this world but once; any good 
thing, therefore, that I can do, or any kindness I can 
show to any fellow creature, let me do it now, let me not 
defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again." 
Likes — "Snow," the beach, coffee ice cream, my family, 
getting fan mail. Doc P., tan feet, partying, moondance, 
fall days Dislikes — arguing, gym, school lunches, bum- 
ming rides, being cold. Usually seen with — the gals 
Noted for — not being seen Remembers most — White 
Supremes, Loon, Annebclle, stealing Kim's car, being a 
prisoner, of the girls' room, a bridge by Kevin's wharf. 
Aerosmith! Wants to forget most — having something 
in common with Mare, candystriping. Worst horror 
show — being caught in the boys' locker room Activities 
— Softball 1 - 3; Nurses' Club I, 2; Powderpuff 3, 4; 
Rousers 3; Yearbook 4; Class Play 4. 


"Mare" "Dools" 

"Much memory or memory of many things is called 
experience." Likes — my family, being an aunt, anything 
grape, salt, my friends, being rowdie, remember whens, 
sad movies and books, one of a kind stores, payday. Dis- 
likes — mashed potatoes, rainy weekends, fast drivers, 
fisher-fisher-men-men-men, busy signals, boredom, has- 
sles, worrying, going shopping and not buying anything. 
Noted for — discounts, dimples, and blushing Ambition 
— to capture the man in the moon Remembers most — 
the FBI car, Loon Mt , cruising with the gals, getting 
Gabe's autograph, Pam's crudmobile, redlights at A&P, 
Middleboro night game, going out to lunch Wants to 
forget most — Pam's parties, walking home with Leese, 
having something in common with Kath, Powdcrpuff 
"75, unmarked cars Usually seen with — the gals — 
Leese, Kath, Paula, Jude, Susan, Karen, Joanne, Kim, 
Fanny, Suzy. Activities — Basketball 1 - 2 (co-capt); 
Field Hockey 1-2; Powdcrpuff 3 - 4. 



"All through your life, whatever your goal, keep your eye on 
the doughnut and not the hole." Likes — my family, water- 
skiing, Stevie Wonder, tuna fish. Dislikes — being called 
Joey. Usually seen with — Andre, Rick, Jeff, Bill, Neil, Dan, 
and Bo. Favorite expression — "Only kiddin'." Ambition — 
6'2". Secret Desire — to have been born 4 min. earlier. 
Remembers most — Missouri, 7/28/75, "Hugo's House." 
Wants to forget most — Hanover game, learning how to 
play cribbage at 5< a hole, C. P., tarring the Cohasset Coloni- 
als, what's left of the blue car Worst horror show — a boat 
ride! Activities — SAB 3; Student Council Pres. 4; High 
Times 2 -4; Drama 3; Yearbook 3; Baseball 1,2; Tennis 3, 4; 
Basketball 1, 2; Soccer 1 - 4; Wrestling 4. 


"Jo" "J. D." 

"If you tell the truth, you never have to worry about 
what you said." Likes — fog, spontaneity, being a twin, 
pistachio nuts, deep discussions, preppies, sad eyes, mel- 
low moods, Mr. Emmons. Dislikes — pancakes, losing 
things, people who lack a sense of humor, perfectionists, 
being in debt, apathy, good-byes, supermarket music. 
Noted for — getting grounded Ambition — to replace 
Barbara Walters Remembers most — Banana boats on 
the Nile, climbing water tower, pool hopping with the 
police, Charlie, California, sm. turkey dinners, Hum- 
phrey Bogart, night games, Godspell, coffee at Kat's, 10 
p.m. trysts. Wants to forget most — A. P. papers, losing 
my shoes, a friendly stab in the back. Cause of death — 
sm. roast beef subs Worst horror show — spastic move 
in Barnhart's zoo. Twenty years from now — writing for- 
tunes for Bazooka. Activities — Band 1-3; Chorus 1; 
Debating 1-4, Drama Club 3 -4; Student Council 3 
(VP) 4; SAB 4; Powderpuff 3 - 4; Class Play 4. 



"Let your learning be your eyes — let your feelings be 
your guide " Likes — good people, Pall's Mall, Cola, par- 
ties, multi-colored buds, California. Dislikes — social cli- 
ques, snobs, bad rave, getting carded. Usually seen with 
— Dean, Fig, Tedesco. Noted for — the hair. Favorite 
expression — "Howdy!" Ambition — to build a solar 
energy house. Remembers most — "The house cleaners," 
trip to "Cali" '76. Wants to forget most — getting stop- 
ped. Cause of death — dying of laughter. 


"Never measure the height of a mountain, until you have 
reached the top. Then you will see how low it was." 
Likes — family, Kim, friends, Hockey, winning, beach, 
smiles, all out people, Sis, Italians, short people. Dislikes 

— 5:00 practice, losing, lousy attitudes, subs, term 
papers, finals, tall people, Hullies, platform shoes. Usu- 
ally seen with — friends. Ambition — to be rich. Secret 
desire — to invent a dentless car. Remembers most — 6/ 
18/76, Camaro in side yard, 2/28/76, Middleboro 16-12, 
Norwell 19-0, Homecoming 75. Wants to forget most 

— July 4, matching dents, Roger, 0-10, 2-8, Sophomore 
year, Coach Mac's cigars. Favorite hangout — beach. Pet 
peeve — lousy attitudes. Activities — Football 1 - 4 
(capt ); Baseball 1 - 4 (co-capt.); Hockey 1 - 4. 

"Bob" "Draka" 

"You are what you are when nobody is looking." Likes 
— Tony's pizza, Jack's friend, weekends, roller coaster, 
Jen, miniature golf, Archie Bunker, movies, the cowboys, 
victory parades. Dislikes — haircuts, stuck-up people, 
painting windows, raking leaves, losing, Smitty, Hullies 
Usually seen with — Jen, Mark, Pele, Bart, Jack Remem- 
bers most — 2/14/76, Middleboro basketball game '75, 
Laura G's party, combat, Aloha (eat and run 10/8/76), 
Brian K's parry. Wants to forget most — '76 Middleboro 
football game, car crash, Bart's party, Duxbury 6-0. 



"Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream 
things that never will be and say why not?" — R.K. 
Likes — snow, a special friend, strawberry shortcake, Nat 
King Cole. Dislikes — people who insist on calling me 
Joanne Remembers most — "South Dakota out houses." 
Usually seen with — Laura and Kris 


"I want to laugh if it makes it easy, I want to cry if it 
makes it worthwhile, for I may never pass this way 
again." Likes — Jeff, songs that fit. spontaneous nights, 
friends, skiing, payday, partying, my height. Dislikes — 
apathy, green beans, retainers, APE papers, being snub- 
bed. Usually seen with — the gals. Jeff. Remembers 
most — Banana Boats on the Nile, water tower schemes. 
Summer of 75, 3-day bug, 10 P.M. trysts, 8/21/76, 
JoAnn's spaz, "bodies for master " Help', the powder 
room, lunch breaks, l'ecole bussionere avec Fanny 
Wants to forget most — 7/6/76, learning my lesson, 
Hanover Hotel, slippery ramps, 12/5/ Worst horror 
show — midgets and brick walls. Noted for — walking 
on my toes, looking down. 


"The memory strenghtens as you lay burdens upon it. 
and becomes trustworthy as you trust it " — T De Quin- 
cey Likes — my family. Dottie, Jap. the color blue. Mus- 
tangs, sterling silver, corduroys, work. Pepsi, a long hot 
shower Dislikes — breakfast foods, sneakers, dirty ash- 
trays, coffee, buses, saying goodbye Noted for — living 
in the nurse's office. Favorite expression — "Whad ya 
say?" Secret desire — to be shorter Remembers most — 
the Patriot's Club House. Patriot's buffets. 8/17/75, Mil- 
lis, Pompano beach, "Lenny." Curran's. Summer of ' 7 6! 
Wants to forget most — 3/27/76. 4/3/76. Thayer car- 
pools, a certain parking lot. three flat tires. "Wolf." the 
accident on Route #1, a dying Dodge, the "View." 
Favorite hangout — The Red Fox Worst horror show — 
those football games. Treasured possession — my jacket. 


"Igor" "Kier" 

"We probably would worry about what people think of 
us if we could know how seldom they do." Likes — 
pizza, chocolate, pickles, Frampton, Croce, Bermuda, 
sports, challenges, complaining, camping, concerts, trav- 
eling, doodling, reading, movies, frizzy hair, peace and 
quiet. Dislikes — my nickname, moving, getting up 
early, cliques, hypocrites, haircuts, acne, shaving, tactless 
maneuvers, overbearing people, being shy. Noted for — 
procrastinate nature, stoic appearance, being moody. 
Remembers most — a particular absent-minded or 
wasted Mobil gasoline attendant, adventures in the 
"Black Bomb," the night of Spalt's party, and the Elton 
concert. Wants to forget most — first year in Cohasset 
'72, July 25, 1975 at Scott's house, Friday afternoon's 
English class and papers. Favorite expression — "What a 
mush!" Worst horror show — Mark of the Devil. Activi- 
ties — Football 1, 2; Soccer 3, 4; Baseball 1 - 3; Basket- 
ball 1. 


"And you run and you run 

To catch up to the sun, 

But it is sinking, 

Racing around to come up 

Behind you again. 

The sun is the same 

In a relative way. 

But you're older. 

Shorter of breath 

And one day closer 

To death." 


"If you can catch a smile, its warmth will last forever." 
Likes — smiles, rainy days, diving, Humphrey, most 
English teachers, trampoline, green grapes, walking, 
beaches, classy people, bowling, Monty Python, creating, 
sailing, double bounce, singing, whistling, Halloween, 
camping. Dislikes — work, dumb drivers, snobby social- 
ites, homework, wastes, getting hurt, paying for gas, 
moochers, mosquitos. Usually seen with — the elite 
Noted for — Humphrey Jean, whistling, laughing 
Secret desire — backpack around the world with a few 
good friends. Remembers most — scooping with Renee, 
missing out on a certain coaching job, fighting with 
Luke, summers at the pool, Godspell cast parry. Wants 
to forget most — most Cohasset parties. Pet peeve — not 
being 18. Worst horror show — Project Friendship '76, 
going down Renee's driveway for the first time Activi- 
ties — Field Hockey 1 ; Softball 1, 2; Senior Class Play 1 - 

"arching Band 1-3; Powderpuff 3, 4; Dramatic Club 

earbook Staff 4. 


"Grant that I may not criticize my neighbor until I have 
walked a mile in his moccasins" Likes — family, my 
dog, Bug*s Bunny, beach, summer, raves, Maine, good 
munch, crazed times, Roman Feasts, the shot, Darwin's 
Theory. Dislikes — soggy wheaties, dubs, bad knees, 
crowded rooms, greasy spoons. Usually seen with — St., 
Peter. Davis, Whit. Dan. and all the boys Noted for — 
handy wipes Favorite expression — "What's up?" Secret 
desire — to start a Chinese laundry service in the North 
End Ambition — to swim the Atlantic in a straight 
jacket Remembers most — Trayers' Memorial, shark 
hunting, all those crazed times Wants to forget most — 
those low-lying water fountains, the midnight ride of 
Mark Davis I. II Favorite hangout — beach Pet peeve 
— tests. Twenty years from now — returning from high 
school prom Activities — Football 1-4; Track and Field 
1 - 4; Debating Team. Dramatic Club, Class Play; High 



"Look to this day for it is life, the very life of life. In its 
brief course lie all the realities of your existence: the bliss 
of growth, the glory of action, the splendor of beauty; 
for yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow is only a 
vision, but today well-lived, makes every yesterday a 
dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope 
Look well, therefore, to this day." 

— from the Sanskrit 

"Mel" "Missy" 

"Life is a series of surprises, and would not be worth tak- 
ing or keeping if it were not." Likes — my family, Ste- 
phen, donuts, McDonald's, daydreaming, remember 
whens, bubble gum, to laugh, soap operas, neko. blue 
eyes, cheering, the Vivians, applesauce Dislikes — ring- 
ing telephones, fighting, cheering in the rain, being gul- 
lible, chocolate, getting yelled at, candy bars, being 
embarrassed, spiders. Noted for — being gullible. Secret 
desire — to sky dive Remembers most — Homecoming 
'74 and '75, 5/15/75, 5/16/75, my 17th birthday, receiv- 
ing a very special Easter present, Catler's parry. Wants to 
forget most — Class Party '76, Chamber's parry, police- 
man at Deerhill, frost bitten nose, gym, 2/28/76 Camaro 
in yard. Summer '74, mistakes I've made Worst horror 
show — Miss Watson's gym class Treasured possession 

— my wooden box Activities — Field Hockey 1 , Band 1 

- 2; Cheering 1 - 3 (co-capt ); 4 (capt); Powderpuff 4. 


"Seize the time." — George Jackson. Likes — tennis 
clothes, tennis, Copley Square. Dislikes — deadlines, 
tests, organization, Mr. H. Usually seen with — Corlis, 
Darlene, Dianne, "Quib," "Kowala bear," Kim C, 
Metco Students and Mrs. Burns, Paulette. Noted for — 
the sling-back. Ambition — to be successful at whatever 
I do! Secret desire — to play at Forest Hills and Wimble- 
don and WIN! Remembers most — Mrs. Thelma Burns, 
Christie's comments, Ms. Coultrip, S. G, lunch in the 
library, Mr. Graebner's pants, K. B. Wilmouth, Corlis 
"Cake-stealer" Bouknight and her amazing sense of 
humor, Mr. O'Neil and Latin class, Mrs. Daughty, 
salmon shoes. Wants to forget most — N. T.'s corny 
comments in poetry class, Humanities 10. Favorite hang- 
out — Mrs. Burn's office. Cause of death — Old age, I 
hope! Worst horror show — C. B.'s hair in the morning. 
Twenty years from now — I'll still be going strong. 
Leaving thoughts — "I'm usually not this spiritual, but 
'Praise the Lord!' " Activities — Third World Society; 
Sportsman Tennis Assoc.; High Times; Band; Woman's 
Asso.; Race Relations; Chorus. 




"What matter that the whistling sands are an omen? 
What matter that you must make the sign of the fist 
when you first see the First Moon? A man's flesh is his 
own and his water belongs to the tribe — and the mys- 
tery of life is not a problem to solve, but a reality to 
experience, Omens help us remember this, And because 
you are HERE, because you have THE religion, victory 
cannot evade you in the end." — Frank Herbert Dune. 

r rat 



7 ~" 

/ f 

1 1 4 : 

"Debbie" "Deb" 

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot 
change, the courage to change the things I can, and the 
wisdom to know the difference." Likes — my family, 
sunshine, pitching, friends, football and hockey games, 
being happy, Red Sox, Mom, Bruins, gum, Carlton Fisk. 
Dislikes — goodbyes, losing, snobs, being hurt, shots, 
oral reports, being tickled, worrying, being confused, not 
doing the right thing at the right time. Remembers most 

— Softball seasons, Florida, football and hockey games, 
T. B., Maine, adventures with Janice, Ayer, Theresa's 
parties, good friends, P.E. office. Sis, parties and chinkin', 
Camp Wing, victory parades, winning games, first and 
last, talks with Les. Wants to forget most — certain soft- 
ball losses and their scores, fights, spraining my ankle, 7/ 
9/76, P. P., Powderpuff '75. Activities — Softball 1 - 4; 
Cheering 1-3; Basketball 2; Powderpuff 3, 4; Rousers 2 

- 4; Camp Wing 1; Donkey Basketball 4; Class Play 4; 
Yearbook 4. 



"Spin cheerfully, not tearfully — He knows the way you 
plod; Spin carefully, spin prayerfully, but leave the 
thread to God." Likes — people, especially children, 
music, mountains, and life. Usually seen with — a cam- 
era and children. Favorite expression — "So it goes." 
Ambition — to be an Episcopal priest Remembers most 
— Bud Cederholm Favorite hangout — Music Room 
and St Stephen's Church Cause of death — drowning. 
Activities — Alternative Program 1-4; High Times 1 - 
4; Chorus 1, 3. 4; Youth Group 1 - 4; Guitar 3. 4; Teach- 
er's Aide at Conservatory Nursery School 4. 



"It is not my nature to regard your gifts the same way I 
would a bouquet of roses, for the roses are a gift from 
your reasoning mind, and I in turn can exclaim in delight 
about their perfectness and aroma, where the other is a 
gift from your soul and beyond. Your gifts reach so 
deeply into the silences of my heart that a word, an 
expression, a smile, a tear . . . none of these things 
could ever begin to describe their effect upon me; they 
would only seek to categorize what is not a wave but the 
sea itself " Likes — the Alternative School, Cambridge, 
Liebf raumilch, photography, Van Morrison fantasy, one 
yellow rose, blues, jazz, and the art room. Dislikes — 
conventional reasoning, mass production, school buses, 
seeing people hurt, and saying goodbye. Ambition — to 
share a moondance 


"No evil can happen to a good man, either in life or after 
death " Likes — acting. Porsche's, Molson's, the beach, 
good rave, gold, ratty cat. summer, backgammon Dis- 
likes — Hugo's, losing, having too many potatoes. Usu- 
ally seen with — Saint, Scott, Peter, Davis, (F troop), and 
the Rave Noted for — "studdering" Favorite expression 
— "I'm only kiddin'." Ambition — to become rich. 
Secret desire — to own a Porsche Turbo Carrera. 
Remembers most — South Pacific, Godspell, Davis' 
Memorial, hopping. Wants to forget most — Curtis 
Farms, and the Toyota Favorite hangout — the beach 
Worst horror show — Freshman year. Twenty years 
from now — heading my own corporation. Activities — 
Football 1,2, Track 2 -4. 




"If you live by the decisions of others, you will be mak- 
ing their mistakes." Likes — camping, cruising, good 
times, eating out at fancy restaurants, walking in the 
woods. Dislikes — borrowing people's cars, worrying, 
sleazes, getting lost, making mistakes. Noted for — 
unfinished sentences. Favorite expression — "We must 
have gotten lost somewhere down the line." Ambition — 
to make lots of money and retire when I'm 40. Secret 
desire — to have a farm in the mountains. 

"Bo" "Harry-O" 

Likes — the Metco Program, sports, money, nice people, 
traveling. Dislikes — Mrs. Burns on my back, the long 
bus ride to school. Usually seen with — Brian Perry, 
Walter West, Patrick Wilmoth, Tyrone. Favorite expres- 
sion — "Come on, man!" Ambition — to be a great law- 
yer. Wants to forget most — the first year in Cohasset. 
Favorite hangout — in the gym. Worst horror show — 
Chat. Twenty years from now — another F. Lee Bailey. 


"If sometimes we don't get lost, there's a chance we may 
never find our way." Likes — trees, my animals, sun- 
shine, Mom McNulty, green, "it." Dislikes — hassles, 
traffic, washing dishes Usually seen with — Kathy 
McClosky, Kathy McClosky, Rich, Ames, Jimmy, 
Gammy. Noted for — being so tall. Ambition — to see 


"Jenny" or "Jenn" 

Likes — Paul, my friends, parties, summers, cruising, and 
horseback riding Dislikes — snobs, moving, working, 
being bored, and Leavttt St. Usually seen with — Paul, 
Wendy, Cindy. Karen. Knsten and Amy Remembers 
most — Sept. '75 — May '76, 5/26/75, 11/18/74, and 4/ 
30/76. Wants to forget most — 8/27/71, summer of '76. 
Favorite hangout — Brewster Road. 



Likes — good rave, parties. New Hampshire, and an easy 
night at work. Dislikes — Cohasset, snobs, the beach 
rave. Usually seen with — whoever. Noted for — being 
different. Favorite expression — "To meaney!" Ambition 
— to own a chain of restaurants. Secret desire — to retire 
at the age of 30. 


"Aaron." "Onasis" 

"Thought is a bird of space in a cage of words which 
may indeed unfold its wings but cannot fly." Likes — 
nature, love, beautiful women, old vets, Hendrix. spend- 
ing money, traveling, good music, good times, good peo- 
ple and good old memories with good friends. Dislikes 

— D.S., P.M., owing money. CH S., waking up in the 
morning, certain CHS faculty. Usually seen with — just 
about anyone. Noted for — extremism Favorite expres- 
sion — "WOW" Ambition — to be happy in whatever 
I do and to live a relaxing and pleasant life Secret desire 

— to be loved by the most beautiful woman in the world. 
Remembers most — Perry, Tuffy, Jasper, Mr. D. Mr 
Gilmartin, Pam, L.E., my first. Wants to forget most 
financial dilemma of 76. P.M.. D.S.. D.B. Cause of death 

— OD. age 90. Worst horror show — B&E and D.B. 
Twenty years from now — retired and wealthy Leaving 
thoughts — "What a joke!" 



Likes — my grandparents, B.B.. Bud, thinking, Mr. 
Reade. Beechwood. parties. Dislikes — school lunches, 
Maine. Remembers most — B B . getting booted off 
football. Wants to forget most — school, Maine, Metco. 
Cause of death — broads. Favorite expression — "Get 
the he-- out of here!" Twenty years from now — still on 
Beechwood corner. Usually seen with — Oggie, Hermit. 
Bobby, Dale, Dana, Kenny, Pudgie, Marko, Mary, Gino, 
Bonnie. Dolly, Paul, Donna, Ricky, Cindy, Barb, Jay, 
David, Jerry, Johnny Pet peeve — when P C. tries to 
make it easy! Secret desire — to get married' Ambition 
— to be a jockey. 

"Cow Girl" 

"I always say that if you cannot deal with school, you 
cannot deal with society. Because school is a small part of 
life, if you cannot deal with it. you will never be able to 
deal with anything else in life." Likes — parties, nice 
men, modeling, traveling, having fun, just being me. 
Dislikes — snobs, jive men, liars, people who don't like 
to hang. Usually seen with — Adrienne. Brenda, Carol, 
Cheryl. Favorite expression — "Be cool." Ambition — to 
have a career in fashion and get married and have four 
children. Secret desire — to become a social worker. 
Remembers most — '73, '74, '75, summer vacations, 
being out with D. Rain in Summer of '75. Wants to for- 
get most — all the bad times, in Winter '75 and Summer 
'76, when D.R. went away. Twenty years from now — 
happily married with children and a career that I've cho- 


"There ain't no such thing as superman." Likes — Gods- 
pell, naughty girls, Mr. Di, Black Russians (pale 
Arabs?), view on the beach, tans, my friends, Coryell and 
Brubeck, partying. Dislikes — Demerit, being confined, 
pressure, AP English papers, ranks, cliques, tattle tale 
girls, being yelled at. The Ground Round, habits. Usu- 
ally seen with — the ultimate rave and the meat wagon. 
Noted for — crazed Arab looks. Favorite expression — 
"What's the word!*" Ambition — live to 30 Secret desire 
— a golden gloves champ Remembers most — the 
workshop, BC — Notre Dame. Pele, all the pretty 
Wants to forget most — little girls. Favorite hangout — 
anywhere but the beach. Cause of death — smoke inhala- 
tion. Pet peeve — glances and whispering. Worst horror 
show — multiple sclerosis. Twenty years from now — 
chasing those girls. Leaving thoughts — "R.T.", you're 
raving. Activities — Football 1; Track 3, 4; Debating 1, 
High Times 1 - 4; Baseball 1 ; Drama Club 4. 


"Skipper" "Bo" 

Likes — storms, Cohasset, my boat, the harbor and 
beyond, accomplishing things on my own, knowing a lot 
about some things Dislikes — hot days, unexpected 
problems, not knowing how, empty pots, having nothing 
to do. Usually seen with — Noel, Neal, Buck, Rich, 
Chip, and the gang Noted for — slowness of walk, pizza 
eating abilities Ambition — to graduate and in some way 
make a living off the sea Secret desire — to get back at 
T S and the Mickey gang Remembers most — the sail- 
ing club and all the good and bad times it brought me 
Favorite hangout — the harbor Twenty years from now 
— still in harbor daze. 


"Rex" "Scoop" 

Likes — skating, drawing, driving, catching a good, good 
parry, Cohasset views, N.H., old times in Pa. Dislikes — 
dead nights, flat tires, dents, bothersome cops, getting 
wet slowly, not doing anything, falling off porches. Usu- 
ally seen with — Eric, Kevin L., Will, Liv, Donald, 
Greg, Bob, Bill, Dilton and people. Noted for — green 
mustangs with moons, being prepared. Favorite expres- 
sion — "Now that we've done that, what's next?" Ambi- 
tion — make a 100, spend a 100; make a million, spend a 
million; live for today, dream of tomorrow. Remembers 
most — a certain night at the harbor with Eric and 
Kevin, KXS and other parking lots. Who concert, Gil. 
Wants to forget most — a certain tomato fight with K.L 
— Blue Knight, chase with unknown that ended at the 
top of Beach St. Favorite hangout — "Bow St." Cause of 
death — one, once too often. Worst horror show — a 
town hall dance! 


"Small blind eyes that cannot see, forget your troubles 
and come with me." Likes — extended vacations, Mary 
Hartman, friends, grits, sombreros, Sandy Cove, leap 
frog milk, "Nashville", the soaps, Alt. school, money, 
preppies Dislikes — Chiquitas, loudness, overindul- 
gence, TINA, gym Usually seen with — the rest of the 
C.C.'s. Noted for — unpredictable outcomes Remem- 
bers most — the two week celebration, 11 i/76, the ledge 
on Lafayette, Tuesday threesomes. "Why don't you just 
go out and — ", Loon Mt., Susan's birthdays, vegging at 
the Cape, basking, "Just 5 minutes", M.H. maneuvers 
Wants to forget most — #1, 2 and 5 — 10, driving, 
being wanted at 2 A M , the man with the mask, Juanita 
banana Worst horror show — "There were ten in the 
bed . . ." Leaving thoughts — "Drop me off at the bus- 



"Love from the heart and everyone has fun." Likes — 
Astrology, Ulysses, M.W., pickles, animals, Renka days. 
Bo, Al, Mr. Di, white shirts on Michael, candlelight, 
books, certain punks with high class, letters and calls 
from far away places, green fields. Dislikes — school, 
some less than cooperative parents, nonchalant answers, 
("of course"), time conscious people at the wrong times. 
Usually seen with — intelligent space shots returning 
from distant galaxies. Noted for — zaniness. Ambition 
— to be renowned in the world of the magic sciences. 
Secret desire — to spend a day with a hobbit. Remembers 
most — 10/10/76, 8/29/76 Wants to forget most — 
989f of the time I spent in school. Cause of death — 
trampled by a wild herd of blue chowo. 


"To think of time — of all that retrospection 

To think of today, and the ages continued hence forward 

Have you guess'd you yourself would not continue.' 

Have you dreaded these earth beetles? 

Have you fear'd the future would be nothing to you' 

Is today nothing? Is the beginningless past nothing.-' 

If the future is nothing they are just as surely nothing. 

To think that the sun rose in the east — that men and 

Women were flexible, real, alive — that everyone was 


To think that you and I did not see, feel, think nor bear 
our part, 

To think that we are now here and bear our part." 
— Walt Whitman 

"Paul-woo," "Paula" 

Likes — Friday afternoons, lazy days at the beach, parties. 
New Year's Eve, my family, dances, old friends, new 
friends, skiing, going nuts, imagining, "my favorite cuz!" 
old shoes, fast songs, concerts. Dislikes — oil trucks, 
yappy dogs, being threatened, hypocrites, rainy days, 
wooden spoons Usually seen with — Mare. Leese. Kath. 
Kay. Kim, Susan, Joanne, Jude, Suzy, Fanny Remembers 
most — 3/5/76, Canton, 7/24/76, Boogie Fever, lunch 
at Pizza House, following Gabe, 10/25/76. Wants to 
forget most — J M , dropping the register at Hojo's, 3/4 
/76. Favorite hangout — beach. Activities — Office 
Worker 3; Rally Comm. 3; Work Study 4. 



Likes — cars, girls, no school, Sandy Beach, Minot 
Beach, music. Dislikes — bossy teachers, rainy Saturday 
nights and Friday nights. Usually seen with — Mark, 
Ernie, Gayle, Bob. Noted for — driving in a blue Nova 
Favorite expression — "No way!" Ambition — T.V. 
radio repair man Remembers most — Minot Beach and 
Scituate Wants to forget most — eleventh grade class 
party, Humanities Favorite hangout — the Beaches. 
Leaving thoughts — "don't believe it!" 



"It is fortune, not wisdom, that rules a man's life." Likes 
— the Bruins, Friday at 2:35, snow days off, Math, lob- 
ster, making money, listening to stereo. Dislikes — get- 
ting up at 6:30 in the morning, waiting for anything, 
homework. Noted for — doing things twice that only 
need to be done once. Favorite expression — "Huh?" 
Ambition — to become a CPA. Secret desire — to 
become a good con man Remembers most — the day I 
get out of CHS. Wants to forget most — my report cards 
and certain teachers I will not name. Pet peeve — people 
who think they are above all. Worst horror show — 


"Jude" "Judy, Judy, Judy" 

"Take your time, think a lot, think of all the things 
you've got For you'll still be here tomorrow, but your 
dreams may not " — Cat Stevens. Likes — weekends, sit- 
ting in the sun, creme color camaros, Stevie Wonder, ski- 
ing, lacrosse, "reasons" Usually seen with — Pam, the 
Gals, Leese, Mare, Kath, Kim, Suzie, Joann, Paula, 
Susan. Noted for — sssss's, laugh Favorite expression — 
"I'm so embarrassed'" Remembers most — setting off 
the alarm at the Getty Station, pulling out at Deerskin 
Trading Post Wants to forget most — mistaking Mr 
Davis for Mr Dunn on first day of school, summer job 
Cause of death — getting pneumonia from going bare- 
foot. Pet peeve — parking lots. 




"Make it Beaver for breakfast." Likes — Jazz, G.B., C.C., 
Boston, leaving Cohasset, M.V., Max. Dislikes — big 
mouths, school hours, school policies. Usually seen with 

— Mikel, Howard, Richard, Donald. Favorite expression 

— "Is it soup yet?" Ambition — to become a million dol- 
lar man. Secret desire — to be a sax player. Wants to for- 
get most — the beach. Favorite hangout — my dark bed- 
room. Leaving thought — "Later." 


"Make the best of it; you only have one life." Likes — 
people, horses, food, school, tonic, gym, music, life, smil- 
ing, dancing, curly hair, Cohasset, being free. Dislikes — 
dishonesty, being tied down. Usually seen with — boys. 
Noted for — being too tall, black socks, talking too 
much, salad for lunch. Ambition — to learn English, to 
make the best of this year. Secret desire — to only have 
to sleep 4 hours per night. Remembers most — the first 
day in Cohasset High School. Twenty years from now — 
230 pounds. 


"There are places I'll remember — some have gone, 
some remain — with lovers and friends that I still recall 

— some are dead and some are living. In my life I've 
loved them all." Likes — my family, white Christmas 
skiing, brown eyes, foxy smiles, my friends. Sounds of 
Silence, school daze, "snow." Dislikes — cold hands, 
nosy neighbors, meat loaf. Usually seen with — the ulti- 
mate ravers, the meat wagon, and six in hand. Noted for 

— my pet pig. Favorite expression — "#!•>$#*'" Secret 
desire — to elope with Joanie. Remembers most — mid- 
night band, R.I. 76, a southern belle, Connie Stevens. BC 
+ ND game Wants to forget most — Homecoming 7 5 
Favorite hangout — a little higher than sea level Cause 
of death — brain damage Twenty years from now — 
married with six Teddy bears. Activities — Basketball 1 - 
4; Sr. Class Vice President. 




"Life is mostly froth and bubble, Two things stand like 
stone: Kindness in another's trouble, Courage in your 
own." Likes — ice cream sandwiches, pizza, making 
money, spending money, partying, Acrosmith Dislikes 
— homework, cities, boredom. Usually seen with — 
Doug, Scott, Bill, Greg, Pete Activities — Football 1 

"Mack" "Mackens" 

"The horse and mule live thirty years, 
They never taste light wine and beers; 
Sheep and goats are dead at twenty, 
They drink no liquor — water plenty; 
At five the birds are mostly dead, 
They look not on the wine that's red; 
But evil, wicked, rum-soaked men. 
Live on for three score years and ten!" 
Likes — laughing, weekends, summer, winter, fall, 
spring, chocolate, going to Connecticut, having money, 
the Black Bomb, music, french fries, and studying at the 
library with friends. Dislikes — the rave, moving, losing, 
getting sick, the Ground Round, cold mornings and 
being cut down. Favorite expression — "You mutt." 
Ambition — to lead others. Remembers most — absent- 
minded gas station attendants. Wants to forget most — 
Middleboro football game. Activities — Soccer 2 - 4. 


"Tears arc the prelude to joy." Likes — my family, sum- 
mer, gum, dinner raves, an Irish twin, hysteria, long 
phone calls, big broods, tear jerkers, remember whens, 
Mick Jagger, explaining "rave," brown eyes, my friends, 
craziness, big brothers, nicknames, "my favorite cuz," 
sunny mornings Dislikes — fighting, worrying, depress- 
ing things, good-byes, fisher-men, fast drivers, "10 
months apart?!" Usually seen with — the gals. Noted for 
— make-believe microphone Ambition — to be a rock 
star, to win on a game show. Secret desire — to see if the 
truck really comes. Remembers most — White 
Supremes, Loon, being prisoner of girls room, Kevin's 
wharf, Aerosmith, Bobbi, Bermuda, 10/3/75, 12/31/74. 
Wants to forget most — long walks with Mare, a certain 
ride home, 5/8/75, unmarked cars, telling R. L. T., Cape 
Cod, '75. Cause of death — being afraid to Favorite 
expression — "Love it!" Activities — Future Nurses' 
Club 2, 3; Softball 2; Rousers 2, 3; Yearbook 4; Class 
Play 4; Powderpuff 3,4. 



"Early to rise, early to bed, makes a man healthy but 
socially dead." Likes — water-skiing, K.A.L., fast boats, 
good jazz, raving, concerts, BONGS., Return to For- 
ever, gold, snow, brew. Dislikes — winter, Bogarts, car 
accidents, demerits. Usually seen with — the crew, and 
Wonderful Wandering Whitey. Favorite expression — 
"We'll worry about it in the morning." Wants to forget 
most — 8/10/76. Remembers most — Christmas Eve 'T> 
and April vacation 75. Favorite hangout — my room 
Cause of death — Columbian exposure Secret desire — 
to be able to go to a concert with Charlie and Justin and 
see it, to be Charley of Charley's Angels. Twenty years 
from now — still looking for something . . . Activities 
— Football 1 ; Soccer 2-4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1, 3; 
Tennis 4. 


Likes — Rocky Beach, sports, high diving, waterskiing, 
bikes, jazz, parties, beating the system, brew, lumbo, 
summer, the Cape, K.H., T.C Dislikes — demerits, 
sleazes, being ripped off, phoney people, cliques, dents, 
getting caught, too much pressure, losing. Usually seen 
with — Billy B., Billy C, Greg. Kevin, wrecking crew, 
girls. Noted for — blonde curls, loud music. Favorite 
expression — "What's on for tonight?" Ambition — to 
become financially self-sufficient. Secret desire — to 
pitch a winning series game, to travel to South America. 
Remembers most — Return to Forever, ten inning win 
over Middleboro. Wants to forget most — working at 
the park, losing game at Hull. Favorite hangout — Bil- 
ly's house. Cause of death — too much lung expansion. 
Activities — Soccer 2; Hockey 1,2; Baseball 1-4; Urban 
Studies 2. 


"It's always darkest before the dawn " Likes — fast cars, 
boats, good music, parties, chocolate ice cream, late Fri- 
day and Saturday nights, cold drinks, Scott's, fall, spring, 
summer, ocean waves, sunny days, good movies, life!!! 
Dislikes — a certain gym teacher, vanilla ice cream, hos- 
pitals, cold days, snobs, death!! Usually seen with — 
David, Sean, Charlie, Crystal, Bob Noted for — best 
driving record, bad penmanship, bad spelling. Favorite 
expression — "What's new?", "What's up?", "How's it 
been?" Ambition — to get ahead in life. Secret desire — 
to stay 18 forever Remembers most — senior year, 
Becchwood, 10/ 1 /76, Fords. Wants to forget most — 10 
/26/ 7 6, mistakes, French. Chemistry Favorite hangout 
— Sandy Beach, Aloha, lunchroom. Pet peeve — ani- 
mals. Twenty years from now — 40 pounds heavier. 
Leaving thoughts — "Why?" 



"A little laughter now and then is relished by the best of 
men." Likes — my family, golf, certain "Mac" people, 
late movies, All-Stars, weddings, powderpuff, p.m. Dis- 
likes — ham, being rushed, cotton candy, being called 
Mary, labs, the cold, bad moods Remembers Most — 
stealing a kite, the red thing, funeral for green sweater 
and brown pants. Center, Washington, DC , basketball 
prayers and road trips, Winkies, Supreme Court, skiing 
trips, park kids, gym classes, my surprise party, Leggs, 
flower attack Wants to Forget Most — 4/24/76, bad 
starts, fainting in P S , a certain fence, hurting my back, 
an H T event, a certain meeting for the Talent Show 
Activities — Class Secretary 3 -4; Basketball 2-3; Rous- 
crs 2 - 4, Varsity Club, Track 3 - 4; Powderpuff 3 - 4; Co- 
Editor Yearbook 


"Loneliness is a feared enemy, but solitude is a welcome 
friend." Likes — May wine, my bike, the bridge at ebb 
tide and at full moon, giggle fits, snow, "y" traps. Dis- 
likes — being tickled. Usually seen with — a smile. 
Remembers most — the wood chip pile and Lily Pond, 
graduating from "Cupcake-ism," summer '75. Cause of 
death — none. Favorite hangout — the beach trees. 
Favorite saying — "If u kant konvins'm, konfuse'm." 
Secret Desire — To animate a sequel to Fantasia. 


Likes — watching sports, science-fiction, CB.'s, stereos, 
sailing, playing drums, swimming pools, mountain clim- 
bing, astronomy, biking, cooking, animals Dislikes — 
Spanish, Cincinnati Reds, ECS , tomatoes. Usually seen 
with — Doug, Kel, John, Ed, Paul, Sean. Ambition — 
head chef in a big hotel restaurant in N Y Secret Desire 
— to join space exploration team Remembers most — 
camping in Maine Wants to forget most — E.C.S. Pet 
Peeve — kids who think they're super jocks. Twenty 
years from now — married with family, chef in the Rkz 
in N Y. Activities — Band 1, 2, 4, Intramural Sports; 



"Once upon a time, in a land of Hushaby, around the 
wondrous days of yore, they came across a kind of box 
bound up with chains and locked with locks and labeled 
kindly do not touch. It's war . . ." Likes — Sabu ele- 
phants, brothers, certain female vocalists, tea. Buff, 
sleeping late, Booo playing the drums, basking, old Boz, 
Leapfrog, milk, bishops' caps, listening. S B. Dislikes — 
being considered sneaky. Secret desire — to stare through 
the Scot. Remembers most — Sandy Cove, melodramat- 
ics with Caryn, Peter, The Oaks, waves, seaman, the Pine 
Grove, being hit by a flying saucer, the man with the 
mask, the orange effect, 7/3/76 etc Figs, Maine. 


"Starsk" "Greg" 

"He ain't heavy . . . he's my brother." Likes — M.J.C., 
peanut butter and jelly, new tennis balls, Jethro Tull, Fri- 
days, hot summer days, Bob Dylan, philosophy, being 
flaky. Dislikes — "singles," deadlines, criticism, pessi- 
mists. Usually seen with — Richie, Scu, Skipper, Coop. 
Noted for — "The Green Bomber". Favorite expression 
— "Let's go." Ambition — to write the perfect article. 
Secret desire — to open a chain of pizza parlors. Wants 
to forget most — denting the car. Typing I, selling hot- 
dogs. Cause of death — Lockjaw. Twenty years from 
now — older and wiser. Activities — Golf 1, 2; Tennis 3, 



Likes — tennis, my family, SSMC, Cohasset, C.G.C., 
bowling, sports, snow, E period, pizza. Dislikes — raking 
leaves, rain, writing papers. Usually seen with — Buck, 
Shoo, Bill. Mully. Andre, Cue, Greg, Scott Remembers 
most — Kooiman's biology class. Wants to forget most 
— Halloween class parry Cause of death — Minnesota. 
Pet peeve — losing temper on tennis court. Activities — 
Tennis 1 - 4 (Capt ) 3; Computer Science I; Yearbook 4; 
Class Play 4. 


"Mully" "Bob" 

Likes — having the car, Mt. Castle. Beggs and Eacon 
Sunday morning, Tony's pizza E period, Saturday's 
games, films, good season, snow, tunes Dislikes — 
Insufficient Quantity, practice. THE SLED, losing. Rain 
off season, losing wallet, telephone poles. G.C Usually 
seen with — Bill, Dan P, Dan B, Ricky, Joe, Stuart, 
Andre, Boyd, Bill Mark D Noted for — a little red 
around the eyes. Favorite expression — "What's on top 
for tonight''" Secret desire — DO R Remembers most 
— sunny morning at the beach. Wants to forget most — 
Cohassct Golf Course. "That damn apple here some- 
where." Cause of death — Cx>ncourse, of course. Pet 
Peeve — losing my wallet Worst horror show — Eric's 
driveway, 18 and a McDonald pickle Activities — Foot- 
ball 1.2,4, Baseball 1 -4. 

"Montoon" "Liza Montelli" 

"Oftentime we stood between a passing day and coming 
night lamenting our withering youth and longing for 
someone unknown, and gazing at the void and dark sky 
listening . . . Yesterday we were, and today we are' This 
is the will of the goddess among the sons of the goddess; 
what is your will, oh sons of the monkeys?" — Kahlil 
Gibran. Likes — walking in midnight snowstorms, 
kliskis, capes, the existentialists, laughing, being silly, 
music's past, present, and future, Verlaine, the flute, 
sweet rice, P.R., Fred. Dislikes — cruelty, chauvinists, 
the passing of time. Noted for — being graciously late, 
Halloween candy sales. Pet peeve — Marycarol. Remem- 
bers Most — the enlightenments, Friday afternoon writ- 
ing clinics, picnicking down Mt. Whittier, Big Red. 
"Will someone please jump us" and other sports, DC. 
the shows, N.Y. eve, canasta and hearts, sunrises, family 
and friends. 

"Moe," "Moggy" 

"A smile and a kind word can make life worth living." 
Likes — Cambridge, music, people in general. Hum- 
phrey Gene, the 3J's Dislikes — siditty people, being the 
only child. Usually seen with — anyone who's not busy. 
Noted for — certain looks, certain things being sung to 
on the fire place. Ambition — to teach deaf children. 
Secret desire — to be able to sing nicely Remembers 
most — scoopin with Martha. July 5. 76, running down 
Red Gate Ln. in Mrs. Clean get up. pin ball Wants to 
forget most — Aug. 24, ' 7 4, June 24, 75, July 5, "76, a 
certain cripple, Danny. Favorite Hangout — anywhere 
there are people. Cause of death — loneliness. Pet Peeve 
— bougie people Worst horror show — watching peo- 
ple go down my driveway for the first time. Twenty 
years from now — won't be doing anything worth not- 
ing. Activities — Human Relations 2. French Club 2. 
Third World 3. Powder Puff 3. 



"Cyn-dec" "Me" 

"Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved 
by understanding." — A. Einstein. Likes — family, rainy 
day bike rides, parties, art, scary movies, watching the 
sun rise, my cat, long weekends and short weeks, meat- 
balls. Dislikes — being short, being the youngest in the 
class, getting my hair caught in chairs and doors. Usually 
seen with — Andy, Joanne, Betsy, friends. Noted for — 
getting my way out of everything. Favorite expression — 
"Whoopee!" Ambition — to reach 5'2". Secret desire — 
to keep a pair of painters pants clean. Remembers most 
— the book, the decision, leaves, the flooding, Tues. 
night, the Round, M I T bulletin boards, THEM, sum- 
mer '76, MSSP, crazy moods, making up songs. Wants to 
forget most — the landing, 12/17/75, after the party. Pet 
peeve — string beans. Worst horror show — P.E.P. 
Activities — Cheering 3, 4; Powderpuff 3, 4. 


"Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant 
never taste of death but once." Likes — traveling, cars, 
people, ancient history, politics, languages, classical art, 
military strategy. Dislikes — extreme liberals, people 
who don't try to do their best. Usually seen with — no 
one. Noted for — formal language, short hair, shiny 
shoes. Favorite expression — "Money doesn't buy every- 
thing, but almost." Ambition — President of the United 
States. Secret desire — become a billionaire. Remembers 
most — junior year as exchange student in Italy. Wants 
to forget most — coldness of the people my first year 
here. Twenty years from now — corporate-international 
lawyer. Leaving thoughts — "You can do anything you 
want to do if you try hard enough." Activities — Soccer; 
Track; Debating; Chess; Horticulture Club; News, Man- 
aging Editor of High Times; Yearbook. 


"Tom" "Nissie" 

"Hej hopp ditt feta nvlle." Likes — sailing, sports, 
music, beer, people, parties, living. Dislikes — people 
that dislike everything, peanut butter, and plaid pants. 
Usually seen with — people in Cohasset Noted for — 
being Swedish. Favorite expression — "Tremendous!" 
Abition — to make the best of this year in Cohasset 
Secret desire — to skip school and fly to Hawaii. Pet 
peeve — homeroom time Twenty years from now — old 
and wise 



"Beyond all things is the ocean." Likes — summer, the 
club, boats, storms, being a dockmaster, wavehopping, 
freetime. paychecks, football, victories, flying. A-4F's, 
curves. Dislikes — the countdown, glass drills, last Fri- 
day of the term, 5:30 practices, the last set, getting 
caught, Jolly Jagoutz and the JV pep talks. Usually seen 
with — Rick, Buck, Bill, Rich. Noted for — breaking 
glassware and blaming it on Andre. Favorite expression 
— "Cest la vie." Ambition — to own a warbird. Remem- 
bers most — the club, "who's brown dog is that?," high- 
way flare, Blinky, Norwell — Duxbury '75. the bad 
years, the audible, lifting with D'Nof, ESST raves, ralph. 
Mr Mika having ALL the answers, fetal pig, .95. Wants 
to forget most — the audible, 1/16/76, my nicknames, 
getting stopped on a pinkslip, TOWP, corker in the 
locker room at 5:15, the contract Pet peeve — Grunts. 
Activities — Football 1-4; Hockey 2; Yearbook. 

"Andy," "Annie" 

Likes — Virginia, Siamese cats, going to concerts. Dis- 
likes — going to school on Mondays, coconut, and any 
type of nuts, THE DEMERIT SYSTEM. Noted for — 
Southern accent. Ambition — to be rich someday. Favor- 
ite hangout — Virginia or Washington, D C Cause of 
death — to die while sleeping. Twenty years from now 
— hope to own my own business. Leaving thoughts — 
"It's about time I got out of school, at least for a while." 


"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is 
essential is invisible to the eye." — THE LITTLE 
PRINCE by Antoine De Saint-Exupery 



"I am the Captain of my soul, the master of my mind." 
Likes — track, Friday afternoons, school vacations, week- 
ends, long weekends, easy history classes, easy marks. 
Dislikes — Monday mornings with Mr. Sheehan, certain 
teachers, writing English papers, Marine Recruiters. Usu- 
ally seen with — Lefty, Chip Stover, Jay Maurer, Ernie 
Studley, Crystal Salvador, Jim Curley. Favorite expression 
— "Great!!" Ambition — to be whatever life holds in 
store for me. fulfill my life to the fullest. Secret desire — 
to become a Marine Remembers most — beating Han- 
over 1975, beating Hull 1974, end of AP class. Wants to 
forget most — Charlie's and Jay's driving, minor dents, 
broken windows, long walks home, flying bottles, Red 
Sox's game 1976. Favorite hangout — around town. 
Cause of death — Jay's driving. Worst horror show — 
cracking up first night with the car. 

"Okie" "Swampy" 

"Since I am convinced that Reality is in no way real, how 
am I to admit that dreams are dreams?" Likes — Tweety 
Bird, Barbara Walters, rain and fog, Rocky Beach, long 
weekends, skiing, sailing on the Feiertag, horseback rid- 
ing, football, snowdays, painting, Christmas, being Irish 
and my family. Dislikes — the military, being tired, gro- 
cery shopping, saying good-byes, being late, paying for 
gas, being rushed, moving, making my bed. Remembers 
most — Summer of '76, working at P. P. Eagles concert, 
R. C.'s parties. "The overnighters," cruising at 3 a.m., 8/ 
21/76, Washington, D.C, 4/24/76, summers at the 
Cape, weekends in N.H. Wants to forget most — Lift, 
waitressing at Kimball's, having wisdom teeth removed, 
going into danger room with Alison, the Relish man. Pet 
peeve — cold mornings when our '68 Ford won't run in 
reverse. Activities — J.V. Softball I; Debating 3; Health 
Careers Club 2-4; Rousers 3, 4; Yearbook; Powderpuff 


"The Rainbow is more beautiful than the pot at the end 
of it, because the rainbow is now and the pot never turns 
out to be quite what I expected." Likes — skiing, ginger, 
foliage, tennis, coffee and grits with Another World and 
Summerset, reading, confession sessions. Quechee, Vt., 
music, Craftsbury Common, the ocean, all nighters, 
scenes, mountains, jivin' to the line dance, resorting, hon- 
esty. Dislikes — confusion, my laziness, Uds., bunny, 
nightmares, gritovers. Usually seen with — the rest of 
the C.C Queens. Noted for — being melodramatic. 
Remembers most — all of Summer '76. Windridge, the 
scenery and the bomb, crushes, snowbound in Vt., Ire- 
land, the Pine grove, traumas with Sue, Cheeta, Flicks, 
Ladder business with Roxie and Lorretta. Kathy's sum- 
mer festival. Secret desire — to be the green lady. Activi- 
ties — Tennis 1 - 4 (co-capt.) 3; Powderpuff; Basketball 



Likes — brew, parties, movies, talking to women, chink- 
ing. Dislikes — being pushed around by Jim Curley, 
fights, arguments, meeting strange people. Usually seen 
with — Jay, Sean, Chip, Crystal, Bob, Minna, Debbie, 
Sam. Noted for — my quickness in my left arm. Favorite 
expression — "Look out Jay!" Ambition — to become a 
professional pitcher Secret desire — to get away from 
Cohassct Remembers most — 7/28/76, parties, chink- 
ing. Favorite hangout — Jay's car. Cause of death — car 
accident Twenty years from now — will be on a profes- 
sional team Activities — Baseball 1-4; Hockey 1 - 2. 

"Oyster Bar," "Frany-O" 

"You've got to roll with the punches." Likes — waterski- 
ing. New Hampshire, skitng, surfing, BMW's, parties, 
money, Beatles. California beaches. M.T., brew. Dislikes 
— getting caught, homework, cold mornings, running 
out of gas, combing my hair, flashing blue lights. Usu- 
ally seen with — Coop. Smiley, Crazed Blakeman, Saint, 
Animal Gilmore, Peter, Whit, F Troop. Noted for — 
driving fast, speeding tickets, a '66 Cadillac. Favorite 
expression — "What's up, boys?" Ambition — to 
become a millionaire and enjoy life. Remembers most — 
Al's spaghetti house, the night I lost the little green 
V.W. Wants to forget most — a night in Hugo's lounge, 
my accidents. Favorite hangout — Sandy Beach. Worst 
Horror show — the midnight swim at town pool. 
Twenty years from now — I'll be diving for sea shells in 
Hawaii. Activities — Soccer 1-3; Hockey 2. 4; Track 2; 
Work Study 4. 


Likes — Summer, snow days, vacations. Mr Graebcner's 
multiple choice tests. Dislikes — Winter, no snow days, 
demerit system and essay tests. Usually seen with — Jen- 
nifer. Walter Ambition — to become a carpenter. 



"Live it up — we're all going to hell anyway." Likes — 
high jumping, camping. Gayle, Lily Pond, Whitney 
Woods, working with hands, Cohassct. model airplanes. 
Dislikes — wind, loud music, rain, winter. Usually seen 
with — Gayle, Ernie. Boyd. Penn. Parzic. Paul Noted 
for — breaking both arms while riding a bike Favorite 
expression — "Get lost!" Ambition — to bicycle cross 
country Remembers most — when 2nd grade teacher 
threw a garbage can at Mark Davis, spring of 1 *>, King of 
Beers. Wants to forget most — Labor day, losing bathing 
suit while riding rapids, being involved in van accident. 
Favorite hangout — center of town. Cause of death — 
hanging around with Ernie. Worst horror show — 10th 
grade humanities Twenty years from now — raising my 
children in Cohasset. 

"Perroncello" "Weasel" 

"Take your time — think a lot, think of everything 
you've got . . . for you will still be here tomorrow but 
your dreams may not." — Cat Stevens. Likes — tennis, 
mashed potatoes. Cat Stevens, Joe Fed, Martha's Vine- 
yard, my father, blond hair and blue eyes, Mr. Reade. 
Dislikes — bananas, yelling on Sunday mornings, sitting 
still in class. Usually seen with — J.C., T.C., F.M., G.B., 
M.B., M.D. Noted for — being a Perroncello. Favorite 
expression — "Don't look at me. 1 didn't do it." Ambi- 
tion — to seek out the process of photosynthesis. Secret 
desire — to see J F in the centerfold. Remembers most 

— Summer of '71, being pinched by Miss I.eonard. talks 
with Miss Meegan. Wants to forget most — warning 
notes, washing boards, losing bets. Favorite hangout — 
Pleasant Lane Stables. Worst horror show — 10/10/76. 
Twenty years from now — barefoot, pregnant, and living 
in the penthouse apartment of Harbor Towers. Activities 

— Tennis 1; Art 2, Independent Study 1. 


"Some of us are born great, some of us achieve greatness, 
and some have greatness thrust upon us." Likes — golf, 
hockey, games, competition, money. Dislikes — rainy 
days, school, organizing Saturday morning hockey games, 
three putting, caddying, no competition, being in debt, 
being called Dick. Usually seen with — whomever I 
please. Noted for — cockiness. Favorite expression — "If 
it was — you'd know." Ambition — to learn how to 
swim. Secret desire — to become a pro. Remembers most 
— eagle at Pembroke Country Club. 10/10/76. Wants to 
forget most — 1 /2/76 and C.A. Activities — Hockey 1 • 
4. Golf 2 - 4. 



Likes — girls, the ocean, music, hard rock especially, 
being rowdy, meeting new people, friends, sports. Dis- 
likes — studying Usually seen with — Sid, Face, Marcos. 
Noted for — unbelievable Favorite expression — unbe- 
lievable Ambition — to be successful in Activities — 
Lakeville H.S.: Baseball 2, 3, Football; Wrestling; CHS: 
Wrestling 4. Baseball 4. 


"Better to trust the man who is frequently in error than 
the one who is never in doubt." Likes — 5th period stud- 
ies, Thompson's bio , hockey, S.S.V.A., the ocean Dis- 
likes — shakers, blocks, 5:30 a.m. practices, losing, rain, 
Elt's tests, Mondays, C.C., Ed's cigar Usually seen with 
— Q, Shoo, Buck, Rick, Russ, Neal, Rich Ambition — 
to graduate from Vet school Remembers most — Can- 
ada '75. Wants to forget most — Richie's jokes, the flag 
pole, Chacterton's raves. Cause of death — old age. 
Activities — Hockey 1-4; Cross-country 2 - 4. 

"Kay" "Pete" "K.P." 

Likes — laughing and crying hysterically, causing a 
scene, corn on the cob, sleeping late, skiing, juicy gossip, 
my stories, baby bruddah, Mr Emmons, all out brawls, 
full moon craziness, fight the power and other jive Dis- 
likes — RIDING THE BUS, crushes, embarrassing 
myself, nags, Houlton, Me., getting caught, people talk- 
ing thru me, dead dudes Usually seen with — the rest of 
the C C. queens. Noted for — sitting in the dip. having 
no sense of direction, coordination of the eyebrow 
Remembers most — Paris "75, total lunacy with Nancy, 
Banana Boats on the Nile, hangover hotel, wading in the 
common, "bodies for mastah". water tower expeditions, 
Ratso Rica, Simon's Sanctorum, incognito Wants to for- 
get most — Mr Fortin in Paris *75, champagne nights, 
pole on Shier Street, flashing yellow light. Favorite hang- 
out — the ladies' powder room. Twenty years from now 
— still sleeping on a burn. Activities — Girl's room 1 - 4. 


"We have to stay together; this is a big world and we 
definitely need unity." Likes — people, partying. Clone, 
doing unusual things, not being tied down, going to the 
dog track, spending money. Dislikes — snobs, insincere 
people, liars, getting up before day break. Usually seen 
with — Dona P., Paulette J., Karen, Corlis. Noted for — 
always having the last word in a conversation or argu- 
ment. Favorite expression — "Later for you!" Ambition 

— to be someone and be a success not only in my job but 
to myself. Remembers most — the good times I had with 
my friends, 2/2/76, Class of '75. Wants to forget most 

— bad times, the snobby people at C H S. Favorite hang- 
out — Thclma Burns off.. Senior girls' room. Pet peeve 

— being the oldest. Twenty years from now — success- 
ful. Activities — Third World Society 3 (Sec), 4 (Pres.); 
The Family, Inc. (Sec); Student Council Rep. 


"Bob" "Raffa" 

"When you're able to put up with it, Cohasset isn't really 
that bad a town. The problem is putting up with it." 
Likes — good times, good parties, good friends, bad girls. 
Dislikes — the beach, the Ground Round, Ford Wagons, 
gas stations. Usually seen with — definite ravers. Noted 
for — loud music. Favorite expression — "What's the 
rave?" Ambition — to find an ambition. Secret desire — 
"not publishable". Remembers most — Beck, Coryela, 
Benson, Fleetwood Mac, Grover, Pele, and many others. 
Wants to forget most — I forgot it already. Favorite 
hangout — the beach, the Ground Round, gas stations. 
Cause of death — too much, too soon, too fast. Pet peeve 
— the rave is dissipating. Worst horror show — Bar- 
comb's party, Shramn's. Twenty years from now — it's 
hard to say. Leaving thoughts — "Well its been interest- 
ing." Activities — working, playing, partying, skiing and 
trying to have a tremendous time. 


" 'Know thyself — Socrates; 'Control thyself — Cicero; 
'Give yourself — Christ." Likes — Barbados, beach, 
applause, sleeping late, airplanes. Gramps, Chink food, 
movies, big waves, summer, jazz. The City, wild parties, 
S.S.M.C. Dislikes — dented cars, loud arguments, restric- 
tions, school mornings, bad munch, stubborn people, the 
spins, periods of depression, cops. LIsually seen with — 
St.. Whit, Scott. Dave. Noted for — seriousness. 
Remembers most — Crest, wall stashes, bath house par- 
ties, Dave's imitations. "The windshield wipers are off 
you idiot!" Liberty Pole Rd , Sal's prom [. Wants to for- 
get most — Morns and the beach. Scituate parties, back 
end bang-up, "What color was that light?", an evening 
in June, the carnival Favorite hangout — beach. Worst 
horror show — Labor day '~'>. Activities — Track I, 3, 4; 
Drama Workshop s. 1; Class Play 4. 



"Ace" "Rep" "Sundance" 

Likes — Cohasset, Canada, vacations, parties, sports, 
movies, animals, good music, good friends, good wine, 
and good women. Secret desire — to be a rock star. 
Remembers most — "Luke", "Dude", "Bomber", Robert 
Cochrane, Baretta, Mike's jeep, Kool Koz, Herr Bear, the 
Band, camp, seances, concerts in my room, cabin no. 11, 
Montana, the Budweiser, pyramid, Butch Cassidy and the 
Sundance Kid, "the Pom-Pom Girls", varsity soccer, 
Juana La Logo, Diane, Rayna, Karen, "Colonel" Saun- 
ders and those cold Canadian nights. 

"Arroz" "Amigo" "Superjock" 

"Whatever man can conceive, man can achieve." Likes — 
sports, the 3 B's, winning, doing nutty things, a pretty 
face, homecoming queens, Monty Python Dislikes — 
xylophones, getting blamed for something I didn't do, 
false rumors, being misunderstood Usually seen with — 
depends where the rave is. Noted for — stories, some- 
times flirting Favorite expressions — "I don't care, I'm 
up," "What's up?" Ambition — to get a date. Secret 
desire — to place in the Olympics. Remembers most — 
Bermuda, buried cars, 2/28/76, track, basketball, F.W., 
16 in bathroom. Wants to forget most — Mama's 
Donuts, Davis' party, 3 and 18, 9th grade, Henneseys. 
Worst horrow show — Maydine. Favorite hangout — 
Sandy Beach Cause of death — the itch. Pet peeve — 
street lights and windows. Twenty years from now — 
still trying to get a date. Activities — Soccer 2; Football 
1.3; Basketball 1-4; Track 1 - 4. 



"How a man plays the game shows something of his 
character; how he loses shows all of it." Likes — Mount 
Castle, Tony's pizza, E-period, Monty, game films, the 
water, Fridays, Sunday touch games, no pads. Dislikes — 
not enough, the SLED, the motel, losing, the Tip Top, 
practice, two-faced people, Mondays, glasses, shiny 
badges, Usually seen with — Mully, Dan B., Andre, 
Ricky, Joe, Dan P., Stu M., K B., Bullit, Billy B. Noted 
for — getting quite upset. Favorite expression — "Give 
me a rock" "Now I'm upset." Remembers most — 
Hugo's sign on the 4th, a Sunday jaunt to NH, Kim- 
ball's, under the lights at Mid., Thanksgiving 76. Wants 
to forget most — the golf course, a certain JV game, Mr. 
J's half time lectures. Secret desire — to make it through a 
touch football game alive. Leaving thoughts — "You 
want I should be impressed?" Activities — Football 2 - 4; 
Basketball 1 ; Tennis 1,3,4. 



Likes — riding horses, swimming, volleyball, basketball. 
Dislikes — cold weather. Usually seen with — no one in 
particular, seen with many. Noted for — a big smile, and 
a positive attitude Favorite expression — in the begin- 
ning — "Excuse me, but I don't speak English well." 
Ambition — to become a pediatrician. Secret desire — to 
travel the world over Remembers most — not knowing 
where to go and getting lost in the corridors Wants to 
forget most — arriving in Boston at Logan Airport and 
having nobody to greet me. Cause of death — I would 
like to die laughing Pet peeve — getting up in the morn- 
ing Twenty years from now — will spend one week in 
my high school, just to relive it again. Leaving thoughts 
— will remember the kindness of the teachers, and the 
students and will return home, to Ecuador, with fond 
memories of the "American-Hospitalidad ." Activities — 
International Fellowship Exchange Student 


"The sleaziest, slyest people have the most innocent faces 
and smiles. I like innocent faces and smiles." Likes — 
The Lamp Post, Miss McGann, disco, my little black 
book. Franklin, preppies. The Goat. Dislikes — Killer 
Kiley. boys' work, being caught. Cranberry Acres, 
George. Usually seen with — the rest of the C.C. 
Queens. Noted for — shades and a kerchief in the Audi 
at 12. Favorite expression — "Be back in a sec." Secret 
desire — successfully hijack a Pepsi truck. Remembers 
most — B-days at Aloha, the kidnapping, Frenchies, the 
Green Dot, Stoneleigh Estate, Great Gulf, the Dazzler. 
Wants to forget most — K.K.'s 10, U. Mass., Senior 
Girls Room, Pepsi-man, Sgt. Barrows, New Year's Eve 
'75, Powder puff '75, Canton Drive-in. Cause of death — 
one more shot. Worst horror show — Juanita y Catalina 
at Kelly's. Twenty years from now — in a penthouse on 
the Mediterranean looking through the little black book 
for entertainment. 


"I think that I shall never see a test as lousy as the 




"When in doubt always go to the source, for waiting is 
useless and makes the pain worse." Likes — Carl, my 
family and friends, rainy days, weekends, long hair, danc- 
ing, music. Sunday mornings. Big Dave. Whiskers, 
sports cars. Dislikes — fighting, sad endings, remember- 
ing, phony people, being carded Usually seen with — 
Carl, Andy. Mary, Betsy. Cyn-dee Noted for — forget- 
ting, trying to explain in less than 1,000 words, being 
late. Favorite expression — "No kidding'" Secret desire 
— to own a $10,000 sports car Remembers most — 
Tuesday night. THEM. 7/19/74, 3 day concert, three 
B's, Rex, 2/2^/76, Monty Python night. Camp Bourn- 
dale. Honk, hiding the ice box. Bo and Bear, the flood. 
Friday nights. Wants to forget most — Last October. 9/6 
/75. Activities — Cheerleading 1 ; Band 1 ; Powderpuf f 3. 
4; Mt. Monadnotk 1-4; Rouser 3, 4. 

"Shorty" "Crital" 

"Woman, Child, Man and Wife, — the best love to have 
is the love of life!" Likes — my family. Charlie, good 
friends, "Harry" sunshine. Luis Tiant, rowdie football 
and hockey games, the truth, the ocean, jewelry, Levis, 
my dog. french fries. Bruins, cracking my gum. stuffed 
animals. O.J . Patriots. Dislikes — fires, milk, good-byes, 
lies, heights, darkness, being patted on the head, being 
confused and misunderstood, crazy drivers, losing. 
Remembers most — 6/21/76, Bermuda, Gloucester, 
Christmas ' 7 5, certain long talks, blue lights, 7/28/76, 
lift, parties, chinking, hockey and football victories, my 
grandparents, watching O.J. play. Wants to forget most 

— Memorial Day 7 6, fires, S.P.L., getting hurt, 6/18/76, 
trucking, a certain pyramid, leaving Gloucester, 7/7/75. 
Pet peeve — when debits and credits don't equal. Twenty 
years from now — I'll still be 5 ft. Treasured Possession 

— my family! Activities — Varsity Club 3, 4; Powder- 
puff 3. 4; Rousers 2 - 4, (pres.); Cheerleading 1 - 4 


Likes — fast cars and motorcycles Usually seen with — 
Dolly. Remembers most — Rcxim 109 Favorite hangout 
— Parking lot. 



"Always be truthful. It takes a fantastic memory to be a 
successful liar." 

"Debbie" "Deb" 

"We know what we are. but know not what we may be." 
Likes — beaches, dreams. Chinese food, being outside, 
characters. Boston, my cat and rabbit. Bernard Shaw's 
PYGMALION, pastries Dislikes — rainy days, too 
many things to think about at the same time, being in a 
bad mood. Ambition — to travel around the world! 
Remembers most — my whole senior year. Activities — 
Basketball 2; High Times 2, 4; Track 2-4; Yearbook 4. 



"Heckle or be heckled." — G B Likes — some special 
people, riding, roast beef subs. ELP. playing Pong, play- 
ing in the F S B B . Putsky. shexjting beaver, mouse, and 
pesky wabbits, the Stooges and being laconic Dislikes — 
some special people. SABBATH, busywork, breaking 
down at a certain place, suplexes L'sually seen with — 
LXx>Dads Inc . my bike, other assorted blocks, the Buck- 
leyville group Noted for — not getting mad Favorite 
expression — "How are you doing. Crazy?" Ambition — 
success Secret desire — to play blocks at BIT Wants to 
remember most — to close the windows if it rains 
Worst horror show — the "Import" night Activities — 
Band 1 - 4. Jazz Rock 2 - 4; Football 3. Tennis 2. 4; Sen- 
ior Class Play 1 - 4. 



"Donny" "Portugee" 

"We probably wouldn't worry about what people think 
of us if we could know how seldom they do." — Olin 
Miller Likes — football, fishing, Saturday nights, win- 
ning, snow. Dislikes — rainy days, Ed's cigars, being a 
loser, Dub's xylophone. Usually seen with — friends, 
myself. Noted for — being injury prone. Favorite expres- 
sion — "Love it!" Ambition — to be ambitious. Remem- 
bers most — Norwell '76, snowballs in August. Wants to 
forget most — getting the win on so many different 
occasions. Cause of death — Victor's attempted driving. 
Twenty years from now — Mr. Pioneer Welding. Activi- 
ties — Football 1 - 4. 


"If you can't prove it to other people, prove it to your- 
self." Likes — A C. motorcycles, the ocean, camping, 
swimming, skateboards, working on cars. Dislikes — 
Fords, my mother's coffee. Favorite expression — "Ya; 
with what moneys" Ambition — to own a car with no 
problems. Secret desire — to race in the Baja 1,000 
Remembers most — camping with Byron, hitting tree at 
40, Pam's accident. Red eye. being a Harbor Rat, my 
racoon, karting Favorite hangout — A & P parking lot. 
the gas station. Cause of death — homework 

"Splat" "Clark" 

"Life is a game. Everyone shows it, everyone plays, — 
but nobody knows it." Likes — the ocean, sports, cars, 
skiing, clothes, keeping my body in shape, members and 
friends of family Dislikes — rainy days, stuck up girls, 
kk. never having enough gas. Usually seen with — most 
respectable citizens. Noted for — being an egotist. Favor- 
ite expression — "You only go around once; do what you 
want and look at it as an experience." Ambition — to be 
a millionaire before I'm 21 ; I can't wait till I'm 30. Secret 
desire — to be a member of or have great influence on 
the SS Remembers most — the great excitement 
involved when learning. Wants to forget most — a cer- 
tain ski trip "down my back Hill " Favorite hangout — 
beach. Cause of death — unknown. Pet peeve — pseudo 
— intellectual camels. Twenty years from now — living 
somewhere in Switz Leaving thoughts — "It's almost 
been real." Activities — Soccer 1, 2, 4; Hockey 1-4; 
Track 1-2: Tennis 3 • 4. 



"Do not follow where the path leads. Rather go where 
there is no path and leave a trail." Likes — hockey, ski- 
ing, D.M.B., Aerosmith, Stones, Monty Python, Sammy, 
the beach. Dislikes — dull weekends, Stiff's, Polito's, 
jokes. Usually seen with — Coop, Frank, Rich, D.M.B., 
Jeff, Tony, Joe. Remembers most — Summer of '75 and 
'76, 5/23/76, the beach Wants to forget most — the 
fires in the car, the hockey shirts, shark hunting, 4/4/76. 
Activities — Hockey 1 - 4; Track L, 2; Football 1. 


"It is a wise man who rules the stars and a fool who is 
ruled by them." Likes — hockey, beach, Molson, Steely 
Dan, parties, Jeremy's, Cohasset, the ocean. Dislikes — 
winter, 5 a.m. practice, cops, jocks, Spanish, snobs, los- 
ing, demerits. Usually seen with — Whitney, Gilmore, 
Reardon, Davis, Crazed Blakeman, (F Troop). Noted for 
— having a real hard job. Favorite expression — "I'm in 
a raving mood." Ambition — to be successful in what- 
ever I do Secret desire — to dive off of Minot's Light. 
Remembers most — hopping in Hull, my brother, Davis 
& Trayers Memorial Stadium, toothpaste. Wants to for- 
get most — too many potatoes, 9/24/76, getting busted 
with Jelly stitches in my chin. Favorite hangout — the 
beach. Cause of death — too many potatoes. Pet peeve — 
no bucks on weekends. Worst horror show — Davis 
driving, 9/24/76, Pond St. Twenty years from now — 
still at the beach. Activities — Football 1-3; Hockey 1 - 
4; Baseball 2, 4. 


Likes — backpacking, wildlife, canoeing, oil painting, 
drawing, ice cream, snowy weather Appalachian Moun- 
tain Club, gardening. Dislikes — homework, crowded 
areas, oranges, raking leaves, hot humid weather Usually 
seen with — Ed, Pete, Mark, Paul. Noted for — artistic 
ability. Ambition — to work in a national park as a park 
ranger. Secret desire — to canoe the Colorado River 
Remembers most — a vacation in Florida. Wants to for- 
get most — a night at World's End. Activities — Horti- 
cultural Club 2, 3. 



"Give a moment or two to this angry young man with 
his foot in his mouth and his heart in his hand " Likes — 
surfing safaris, cool state tops, traveling, NYC Dislikes 
— getting burnt for Chinese dinner, witches. Randy and 
his pet jokers 


"Moe Sully" 

There's an inside, outside, and an upside down. Likes — 
Maureen B., Dusty, talking, everyone, skiing, Wheaties, 
black rasberry jam. Dislikes — getting in a bad mood, 
nags, rude people at Woolworth's. Usually seen with — 
Maureen, Dusty, a baton, Woolworth's jacket. Noted for 
— sneakers, giving all my cigarettes out. Favorite expres- 
sion — "Tremendous!", "Descent!" Ambition — to get 
on a diet. Remembers most — 3/30/74, the Cape, Tom, 
Nantucket. Wants to forget most — 10/1/76, 6/2/76, 
the day. Worst Horror show — working at J.L.'s. Activi- 
ties — Horseback Riding 1; Majorettes 2, 3; Cheerlead- 
ing 3. 


"As you go on through life, brother, whatever be your 
goal, keep your eye on the doughnut and not on the 
hole!" Likes — frosties, cigars, parties, De Molay, movin' 
fast, the Grand Prix, weekends, concerts, tunes, Sabbath, 
my guitar, doodles, skipping school, sleeping, crazy peo- 
ple, life. Dislikes — hassles, shaving, classes, snobs, 
wipeouts, accidents, bike repairs, bruises, cuts, S B F.'s, 
mornings, M.D.C. Police, getting caught Usually seen 
with — Mark, Penn, Boyd, Gayle, Sean, Jack, ravers. 
Noted for — more than I'd care to say Favorite expres- 
sion — "I don't know" Ambition — to stay alive. 
Remembers most — nights out with Penn and Mark. 
Wants to forget most — nights out with Penn and Mark, 
car accidents, people I knew Favorite hangout — milky- 
way galaxy. Cause of death — run over by a U F O. 
Worst horror show — 6/9/75. Twenty years from now 
— buried. 


"Betsy" "B" 

"I am part of all that I have met: yet all experience is an 
arch where through gleams that untravelled world, 
whose margin fades forever when I move." Alfred Lord 
Tennyson. Likes — family, Mr. Gilmartin, human sup- 
ports, Spanish hats, people who make me laugh, the bill- 
ing clerk and the other people I work with, paychecks, 
Mrs. Lahage. Dislikes — seeing people ruin their lives, 
being late, waiting, rwits, things that upset me. Usually 
seen with — Joanne, Cyn-dee, Andrea. Noted for — 
"Five foot two, eyes of blue." Secret desire — to find 
him! (someday). Remembers most — the flooding, 
Tuesday night, recreation, THEM, smiling. Pier 44, Kar- 
en's front steps, trying to hide the Icebox. Cause of death 
— worry. Worst horror show — °> and 6. Leaving 
thoughts — If there is one thing I've learned, it's never 
turn your back on a problem, or you'll always have it 
with you. Activities — Cheerleading 1.2; Powderpuff 3. 



"Patient woe; the human yielding to the divine; love 
meeting no response, but still remaining love." Likes — 
Colorado, AU and Co., skiing, my family, rock climbing, 
eyes, Switzerland, C.S., blonde hair, smiles, deepness, 
spontaneity, moustaches, the sun, dreaming, love. Dis- 
likes — good-byes, brussel sprouts, sarcasm, fakeness, 
pressure. Secret desire — to be an eagle, to marry the man 
of my dream. Remembers most — D.T., J.S.S., W.L.S., 
B.W , dreams, chartered bus rides, Mrs. Burbank's Eng- 
lish class, "Godspell," senior class plays, keep on truc- 
kin', Unholy Trio; Tull by SAB, 1/1/76, Stairway to 
Heaven, Powder-glacier boogie. Wants to forget most — 
fight at the round, DJ at KYSN, silent treatment, not 
crossing the RR tracks. Activities — Field Hockey 1, 
Polar Bears' 1, 2; Chorus 1, 2; Band 1 - 4; Jazz Rock 2 - 4; 
Cheering 1 - 4; Gymnastics 3, 4; Tennis 2 - 4; Powder- 
puff 3,4. 



"There's more to love than making it." — Steppenwolf 
Likes — Lamborghini's. Ming, Proteus's, I.P.A., Kustom 
Amps, Toledo, concerts. Stones, Zep, Myratone Band, 
getting out a year early, Karen. Dislikes — Hugo's, 
Cohasset police, jocks Favorite expression — "Of 
course." Ambition — to get THAT car. Secret desire — 
to become a monk. Remembers most — those long sum- 
mer nights at Rocky, 19 concerts of the past year. Wants 
to forget most — certain dumb people. Cause of death — 
to be devoured by a large Ameoba which will escape 
from Mr. Ward's experimentation laboratory. Worst 
horror show — putting a dent in that $52,000 automo- 
bile. Twenty years from now — still waiting for my 
dinosaur egg to hatch 



"Don't look — you might see. Don't listen — you might 
hear. Don't think — you might learn. Don't make a deci- 
sion — you might be wrong. Don't walk — you might 
stumble. Don't run — you might fall. Don't live — you 
might die." Likes — Golden Retrievers, C.B. radios, 
making friends, 18-wheelers, summertime, Coors, T- 
shirts, motorcycles, sleeping, Canada, music, traveling, 
dog shows, driving anywhere, Delaware, a challenge, 
being alive. Dislikes — airplanes, milk, good-byes, being 
laughed at, snakes, the word "no," bad drivers, being con- 
fused. Noted for — my dogs. Favorite expression — 
"Whatever gets you through the night." Secret desire — 
to drive an 18-wheeler cross country. Remembers most 
— oil painting class, Cindy's eraser "Sam," field trip to 
Godspell, 8/9/74, "Ides of March '76," California, fetal 
pig, balloon ride, a certain 10th grade dance, Rocldand 
strip, getting locked out of Cindy's car, Canada, KHJ 
1985, an airhorn, a certain idol. 


"There arc many here among us who feel that life is but 
a joke. But you and I, we've been through that and this is 
not our joke. So, let us not talk falsely now. The hour is 
getting late." Likes — N.H., my bike, tea, grits and 
soaps, Bob Dylan, Black Rock Beach, the Baz's. Dislikes 
— demerits, loud people, pseudo intellects, Senior Proms, 
A.P Papers. Usually seen with — Jonathan, J. B.,J. R., 
A. C, C. G., S. M., S. B. Ambition — to be a rich lawyer. 
Secret desire — to win an argument with Pamina. 
Remembers most — day of the green dot, sophomore 
year, Linden Dr., craziness with Jean, the Stoneleigh 
Estate. Wants to forget most — C.C. Queen, getting hit 
by car, Holiday Inn in White River Junction, Canton 
Drive-In. Favorite Hangout — Senior girls' room. Activi- 
ties — Field Hockey I, 2; Class V P. 1; Student Council 
1 ; High Times 3, 4. 


"I am the Eagle. I live in high country. In rocky cathe- 
drals that reach to the sky. I am the hawk and there's 
blood on my feathers, but time is still turning. They soon 
will be dry and all those who see me and all who believe 
in me share in the freedom I feel when I fly. — Come 
dance with the West Wind and touch on the mountain 
top, sail o'er the canyons and up to the stars and reach for 
the heavens and hope for the future, and all that we can 
be and not What we are. 




"The woods arc lovely, dark and deep 
But I have promises to keep, 
And miles to go before I sleep, 
And miles to go before I sleep." 

— from "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy 
Evening" — Robert Frost 


"There is no perfect art, without the knowledge, first, of 
the extremes of art itself and life." Likes — Sciruate, par- 
ties, WROR, Chevrolet, the three B's., Frequency Modu- 
lation. Dislikes — Cohasset, punks, Fords, a certain gym 
teacher. Amplitude Modulation, exaggeration, and peo- 
ple who correct my English. Usually seen with — the 
B.G. Noted for — green car with red patches. Favorite 
expression — "Stuff it!" Ambition — to build a Cobra — 
II with a 396, 4 barrel. Secret desire — to direct the first 
marching chorus. Activities — A.V. 1-3; Stage Crew 1 - 
4; Band 1 - 4; Jazz-Rock Ensemble 2 - 4; Chorus 3, 4. 


"Then take me disappearin' through the smoke rings of 
my mind far from the twisted reach of crazy sorrow Yes, 
to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand wavin' 
free." Likes — music, sweetie, crazy people, Siamese cats, 
sisters, certain English teachers. Dislikes — riding the 
bus, chiquitas, gritovers. Usually seen with — the rest of 
the C.C.'s, Edward Remembers most — craziness with 
Karen, orange effect, Kathy's pa-dees, sessions, 9th 
grade, Godspell, old flame, The Commander Wants to 
forget most — Martha's Vineyard and the three undazz- 
led wet ones, chugging in the bomb, a telephone pole, 
being wanted at 2:00 a.m. 



"For long you live and high you fly 
And smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry 
And all you touch and all you see 
Is all your life will ever be." 

— Roger Waters 

Likes — camping, concerts, snow in July" Dislikes — 
jocks and drinking. Usually seen with — Keith. Kathy, 
Geoff, and Christie Noted for — green and white dart 
Ambition — sec the U S before going on to college 
Secret desire — year round snow Remembers most — 
the cheese and Fairdalc Wants to forget most — gym 
classes Favorite hangout — Kathy's. 



"Let us be thankful for the fools — but for them the rest 
of us could not succeed. Likes — B.C., games, golf, frost- 
ies, weekends, late nights, summer. Dislikes — xylo- 
phones. Usually seen with — Bo Drake, Joe, Jeff , Steve 
K., and the rest of the crew. Remembers most — Brian 
Keating's birthday party, Aloha on the run. Wants to 
forget most — The Middleboro football game, a night at 
Tony's pizza. Activities — Soccer 1-4; Basketball 1. 

"Limey" "Al" 

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow; Don't walk 
behind me I may not lead Walk beside me and be my 
friend Likes — being British, my family, Thompson 
children, my friends, chocolate, listening to records, trav- 
eling, bangers, sports, smiles, ocean, countryside, stuffed 
animals, children, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young Dis- 
likes — lazy people, long plane rides, phony accents, 
being late, cliques, goodbyes, being depressed, messy 
places. Usually seen with — my friends Noted for — 
British accent. Favorite expression — "Want to do some- 
thing exciting'" Ambition — become a nurse Remem- 
bers most — weekends in N H . Neprune, 7/8/ 7 6, Pow- 
derpuff, lifting, waterskiing, P.P.. Wimbledon *75, party- 
ing Wants to forget most — Summer '74, wearing 
braces, after the eagles' concert, marching band practices. 
Cause of death — overeating at McDonald's. Worst Hor- 
ror Show — the slopes. Activities — Softball 1,2; Bas- 
ketball 2; Band 1 - 4; Powderpuff 3, 4; Yearbook 4; 
Rousers 3. 4; Health Careers 2 -4; Donkey Basketball 4; 
Class Play 4 ; Varsity Club 3, 4. 

6 2 


Likes — weekends. Led Zepplin, doing things in style, an 
abundance of collateral, Leo's, "Behind Blue Eyes," 
"Love Potions." Dislikes — Monday morning, "The 
Combat Zone," lack of wheels, curfews, odometers. Usu- 
ally seen with — Deirdre, Ted, Jo, Kathleen, and B. W. 
Noted for — "pit stops." Favorite expression — "And 
she'll have fun, fun, fun, till her Daddy takes the T-bird 
away." Ambition — to travel. Remembers most — 7/6/ 
76, "A Gold Malibu," Aerosmith '75, "Babysitting," 
"Valentines Midnight Rambler," 10/16/76, "What is 
and what should never be," pre-fab houses, Marshfield 
parties, "Gimme Shelter," A.M.N. Wants to forget most 
— 6/21/76, last day of school and quite a few other 
things. Cause of death — exhaustion, crash diets. Activi- 
ties — Class Play 2 - 4; Yearbook 4; Homecoming. 


"Steve" "V. V." 

"Before you tell someone how good you are, tell him 
how bad you used to be." Likes — the Droid, Mel, minia- 
ture golf, winning football games, skiing, Monty Python, 
the cowboys, snowstorms, Italian foods, Bermuda. Dis- 
likes — painting windows, nags, lectures, Gullies, snobs, 
all-outs, bruised ribs. Remembers most — Homecoming 
'74, '75, BC-ND game, 5/15/75, Norwell '75, Middle- 
boro 76, Catler's party. Wants to forget most — 12/20/ 
74, Chris Curelli's party, 2/28/76, buried car, class party 
'76, the closet, 7/30/76, late donuts. Favorite hangout — 
the beach. Usually seen with — other football players. 
Activities — Football 1 - 4; Baseball 2 - 4; Basketball 3. 


Likes — skiing, sailing, traveling, being around when it 
happens, the opposite. Dislikes — things that make me 
go nuts, cold summers and warm winters Usually seen 
with — my friends. Noted for — being a Swede. Favorite 
expression — "Na, nu blommar det i arfallen." Ambition 
— to see the world. Secret desire — to have a pipeline 
going from a brewery to my house Remembers most — 
my first thoughts when I came here. Wants to forget 
most — the first thought I had when I came over here. 
Worst horror show — American TV commercials 
Twenty years from now — Who knows? Leaving 
thoughts — "Nice meeting you." 


"Ask not for victory; ask for courage, for if you can 
endure the struggle, you bring honor to us all. Even 
more, you bring honor to yourself ." Likes — Jim Croce, 
cole slaw, Bryant Country Club, Shakespeare, circus, 
MPFC, the big "O," Green Harbor, soccer, tennis, out- 
doors, Doonesbury, Ken, Meyershow, drink and chink. 
Dislikes — xylophones, losing, cigarette smoke, bad 
crowds, coconuts, all outness, Mickey Rivers, the rave. 
Remembers most — Aloha on the run, 10/8/76, buried 
cars, late donuts, 7/30/76, Pele night, Take Her She's 
Mine, soccer. Wants to forget most — Middleboro foot- 
ball game, Freshman dance, pickles at O'Brien's, Marco's 
car, Mama's at 3. Usually seen with — certain soccer 
stars, the various other studs. Ambition — out jam Dr. J. 
Noted for — height (lack of). Pet peeve — everyone's 
(mis (conception of height. Activities — Soccer 1 - 4, 
Basketball 1-4; Baseball 1-3; Tennis 4. 

"Bob" "Buggy" "Wrabbit" 

"It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak 
and remove all doubt." "Why is it that we rejoice at a 
birth and grieve at a funeral? It is because we are not the 
person involved." — Mark Twain. Likes — watching 
others writing A. P. papers Friday afternoons, Alternative 
School, listening to the radio, bull sessions. Dislikes — 
A. P. English papers, boredom, dull classes, no-rave rav- 
ers, snobby people. Twenty years from now — will be 
found surrounded by cobwebs in some ivory tower. Leav- 
ing thoughts — "Live life to its fullest and fear noth- 
ing." Activities — Debating 1 - 4; Soccer 3, 4; High 
Times 1-4; Computer Science Club 1; National Honor 
Society 3, 4; Tutor 3, 4; Alternative School 4; Metropath- 
ways 2. 


"If you need a friend, I'll be there." Likes — dancing, 
music, close friends, New Hampshire, easy going people, 
talking with friends. Dislikes — snobbish people, pushy 
drivers. Usually seen with — R. M., M. F., A. B., S. S., E. 
C, M. M., K. P., L. M., K S., K. F., and all the rest. 
Noted for — talking on the phone for hours at a time. 
Favorite expression — "What a rush!" Secret desire — 
can't tell, it's a secret. Remembers most — 10/10/76, 
road to Scituate, Renee swimming at Rocky Beach. 
Wants to forget most — school, 6/15/76. Favorite hang- 
out — most anywhere. Cause of death — boredom. Pet 
peeve — people talking down to you. Leaving thoughts 
— "I can't believe it!" 





Likes — computer program, math, chess, basketball, 
pool. Dislikes — hockey, history Usually seen with — 
George H.ims, Perry . Ambition — computers. 


"Touching is to wonder. We think of it .is reaching out 

— to know, to grow, to explore, to love, to believe. Likes 

— the cabanna. FACE, insanity. Alt and Al, Sandy Cove, 
all eight. France, the powder room rave, CHS teachers, 
no. 7, acting. Bouncy. Donald the janitor, ghost stories, 
the run. Dislikes — waiting, homesickness, wedgies, imi- 
tations, A.P.E. papers, being teased, nags, trench mouth, 
debts, prudes, ticks, being taken for granted. Usually seen 
with — everyone. Noted for — spelling, 11:30 curfew at 
18, my fanny. Remembers most — "Bodies for Master," 
Halloween '74, '75, falling in sewers, breakfast at 4 a.m., 
shining moons, white supremes, water tower schemes. 
Mill River with K.P., Madeline, night games, the grave- 
yard. Wants to forget most — the shakes. Medieval 
Manor. Worst horror show — Hanover Hotel. Twenty 
years from now — anything but a housewife with pink 
curlers, black stretchies and white sneaks. 


"Simplicity of character is no hindrance to the subtlety of 
intellect." Likes — the ocean, scuba diving, cruising, sail- 
ing, skiing (water and snow t, laughter, my family, Lud- 
wig Van. music in most of its many forms, traveling, 
being mobile, enthusiasm. Dislikes — A. P. English 
papers, riding the bus. dead nights. Yearbook deadlines 
Ambition — triple flip with a twist off Minot's Light. 
Cause of death — low tide. Pet peeve — people saying 
"What's up" and not caring. Activities — Class President 
4; Student Council Rep. }; Student Government Day 
Rep. 3; Tennis 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Hockey 1-3. 
Outdoor School 9, 10; Football 1 ; Band 1 - 4; Pit Band 3; 
Jaz/ Rock 2 - 4. 



"He who is impatient waits twice" Likes — Whispcr- 
wood, Lisa's letters, fall leaves, long talks, poetry. Cap- 
tain and Tennille, liver with Ketchup, my Dad's car, 
maple walnut ice cream. Dislikes — insincere and fickle 
people, jealousy, cats, repeat performances, milk, trying 
not to be facetious Ambition — to make "waiting twice" 
worthwhile Remembers most — certain holidays, 5/1/ 
75, the prom, "Sam", 7/4/76, CH and CH in CH, Texas, 
Paul Wants to forget most — spilling water, Starland 
with Pam. ending up on the Rockland strip, February '76, 
jimmies, red and white striped shirts Favorite hangout 
— Weymouth Cause of death — Mrs. A(H.O) Twenty 
years from now — I wonder if I will remember doing 

"Bart" "Winnie" "Stud" "Champ" 

Likes — swimming, my |ob. playing cards. Lokie, my 
family, Spanish, my car. friendly people, "oldies" Dis- 
likes — snobs, accidents, hard decisions, freaks. Usually 
seen with — Gary, Mark, The China's. Bruce, Steve, and 
everyone else Noted for — cockiness. Ambition — to 
succeed in Life. Secret desire — to hit the million dollar 
lottery. Activities — Football 1. 


"Curiosity killed the cat, and satisfaction brought it back 
. . ." Likes — my family, good friends, my pets. Steve 
Miller, J. Beck, music, an, dancing cats, being easy going, 
the foliage, parties, dreaming, rainbows, full moons. Hal- 
loween, peanut butter and jelly, Donovan, green and 
cranberry. Charles. Renoir's paintings, snowy nights, 
experiencing life in many ways, honesty, analyzing peo- 
ple, lots of other things. Dislikes — cold. rain, being 
hurt, narrowmindness, saying goodbye, diets, feeling 
depressed, nightmares, spitef ulness. black and pink 
together, oreos. Usually seen with — Lisa, Chrissy, the 
Butch, Susan, Mary. John and lots of other people. 
Noted for — being mellow, tolerance, common sense, 
busy wild-looking hair. Remembers Most — my "wilder" 
days, the old loves, my room, cake walking. May " 7 5 — 
April ' 7 6. Argentine. Charles. Season of the witch. Do 
you feel like I Do, P.F. 

Rotary Field Hockey Football's Senior 

Ann Whclan MVP 

Larry Drago 




Susan and Mark 

Most Easy Going 

Dona and Walter 

To Succeed 

CO To 

XAi I. 

Cmdy Bob 


Debbie and Doug 


Peter and Lisa 

Melissa and Steve 

Lisa and Peter 



M t 

o i 
s s 
t t 


Kathy and Shawn 

Most School Spirit 

Larry and Debbie 



Maria and Roger 

Kathy and Whitney 


What If? 

Christine Anderson was ever seen. 

Gary Ashjian's car was dried out. 

Jeff Barcomb didn't know how to swim. 

Margaret Barlow had two left feet. 

Sherry Barrow's middle name was "Wheel." 

Jill Basmajian had red hair and braids. 

Donald Bell could sit still. 

Maureen Bellefontaine wore jeans to school. 

Josselyn Besse was cool, calm, and collected. 

Ellen Bishop got caught in the Bermuda Triangle. 

Dan Blakeman didn't drink. 

Kris Bobo made it to Moscow in 1980. 

Corlis Bouknight was given an inch and grew a mile. 

Jack Bowen couldn't skate. 

Greg Bramblett got his locker open on the very first try. 

Peter Branagan lost the bowl. 

Andre Brassard got carsick. 

Kana Brennock's hair wasn't a mess. 

John Buckley didn't have a little red Datsun. 

Kevin Buckley lost his comb. 

Ted Bursk didn't know how a gas pump worked. 

Jimmy Cahill didn't have a blow dryer. 

Gayle Callahan didn't have stage fright. 

Andrea Carroll wasn't old enough. 

Lee Carroll's yearbook ad ever got in. 

Mark Carroll was Lee's brother. 

Brad Catler didn't know how to play bass. 

Joe Catrambone got a tan. 

Bob Chisholm got a crewcut. 

Kim Clark had a big mouth. 

Mary Coe ate her own lunch. 

Bill Coleman never discovered music. 

John Cone didn't have rhythm. 

John Cooper had only one Latin book. 

Ann Cotter wasn't cute. 

Karen Curelli was cut off from the grapevine. 
Jim Curley's nickname was Rhode Island. 
Kim Daniels didn't have naturally curly hair. 
Mark Davis had an ulcer. 

Monica Davis didn't know her way to Mrs. Lahage's room. 

Jim Dean didn't have the car. 

Lesley Dickson lost her smile. 

Kathy Dillon didn't have talent. 

Sandy Dillon was tone deaf. 

Maribeth Dolan didn't have a widow's peak. 

Kathy Donahue hated the beach. 

JoAnne Donnelly couldn't talk. 

Joe Donnelly had a sense of humor. 

Maryanne Dooley was head cashier at Wooley's. 

Jeff Dowlcr didn't have the California look. 

Larry Drago was uncoordinated. 

Bob Drake made a Ring Dings. 

Jenny Driscoll didn't know any Patriots. 

Suzie Ellis didn't walk on her toes. 

Joan Emanuello didn't brush her teeth. 

Kieran Fahy carried a book home. 

Kathy Figueiredo didn't wear turquoise. 

Martha Fink broke up with Humphrey. 

Missy Foster has unshrinkable clothes. 

Lindy Freda couldn't defend herself. 

Scott Gilmore was mean. 

Karen Gleaves was a slob. 

Laura Golino had a halo. 

Debbie Goyette found a cure for tuberculosis. 

Sharlene Green became a minister. 

Pam Gunville hated sunshine. 

Whitney Halloran's plants died. 

Lisa Hamill appeared. 

George Harris was slow. 

Linda Harris wasn't natural. 

Aaron Hassan lost his boots. 

Warren Hobbs wasn't Gooch. 

Jennifer Isabelle rang. 

Phil Jackman didn't know his way around Beechwood. 

Paulette Jones talked like Willie Whistle. 

Eric Joseph really had his own school of language. 

Kathy Kamerschen lost her shovel. 

John Kearney never bought Mrs. Tribeman's car. 

Bill Kelley got seasick. 

Karen Knight left her goat at home. 

Christie Kowal hated barns. 

Paula Leahy really yelled down the beach. 

Judy Lenehan didn't have the whistle. 

Paul Lewis went barefoot. 

Boyd Livingston's car had paint. 

Bobby Livingstone studied hard. 

Maria Lundburg dislocated her hip. 

Kevin Lyons moved to Bermuda. 

Lisa Lyons had courage. 

Scott MacKenzie didn't have influence. 

Ed Marchesi left crazy. 

Jay Maurer knew how to drive. 

Billy Marsden didn't have connections. 

Will Marsh had straight hair. 

Peter Macintosh was Peter Delicious. 

Michelle McLean was Inward Bound. 

Marycarol McNeill had time. 

Susan McNulty created a scene. 

Greg Meallo was friendlier in more ways than one. 

Stuart Millard couldn't add. 

Renee Mograss couldn't laugh. 

Lisa Montuori arrived on time. 

Bob Mulhern couldn't. 

Cyn-dee Mulligan told a good joke. 

Terry Myerhof f didn't arrive at the last minute. 

Dan Neelon stayed in Italy. 


What If? 

Tom Nordin came out of the darkroom. 

Val Norris wore shoes. 

Andrea Norton didn't have an accent. 

Neal O'Brien bought a Chevy. 

Sean O'Brien wasn't the leader of his pack. 

Annemarie O'Connell talked back. 

Caryn O'Connor didn't create a scene. 

Paul O'Leary didn't have 2nd period study. 

Frank O'Rourke used Visine. 

David Patrolia couldn't pitch. 

Mark Patrolia could ride a bike. 

Dona Perencello was teacher's pet. 

Richie Polito had perfect attendance. 

Karen Porter cared. 

Donald Pratt hated animals. 

Scott Puis' middle names were Pushes And. 

Carol Quinerly didn't wear berets. 

Bob Raffa didn't have hands. 

Peter Reardon couldn't carry a tune. 

Stewart Replogle didn't wear cowboy clothes. 

Bill Reynolds didn't get upset. 

Roger Rice went out with a girl from Cohasset. 

Jenny Rivera didn't teach everyone her Spanish vocabulary. 

Jean Roberts wasn't persuasive. 

Richard Ryan didn't have connections. 

Joann Sadler couldn't make a milkshake. 

Crystal Salvador didn't get her gas at the Mobil station. 

Howard Schramm scored a hatrick. 

Debbie Seavey couldn't draw a straight line. 

John Shooshan got mad. 

Don Silvia never got hurt. 

Dana Silvia was six feet tall. 

Greg Spalt wasn't expecting a flood. 

Sean Stanford couldn't smile. 

Mark St. John wasn't a lifeguard. 

Doug Stover had a screaming fit of rage. 

Ernest Studley didn't like Sabbath. 

Maureen Sullivan never met the other Maureen. 

Shawn Sweeney had a candid camera. 

Betsy Taylor didn't leave at 1 1 o'clock. 

Lisa Taylor didn't compete. 

Wendy Thayer had no social life. 

Pam Tillotson was shy. 

Heidi Towle lived in a booth. 

Peter Trask picked up his feet. 

Claire Trask wasn't on the Rescue Squad. 

Nancy Trettis didn't drive the bomb. 

Alison Tye left a party alone. 

Victor Vanderlugt didn't buy Dutch Boy paints. 

Karen Van Etten didn't drive a green Dart. 

Jeanne Viola didn't have gum. 

Steve Vivian lost his mouse. 

Jeff Walls was a hunk. 

Robert Walsh's batteries ran out. 

Donna Washburn really was quiet. 

Mikael Wallin wasn't a Swede. 

Walter West went East. 

Mike Wesloski bought an old beat-up car. 

Ann Whelan paid her debts. 

Ricky White hated ice cream. 

Dawn Whitney wasn't mello. 

Kevin Winn stopped talking. 

Cindy Yeomans didn't know her way to Weymou 

ROW 1: T. Parziale, S. MacDonald, A. Martone, B. O'Brien. ROW 2: H Marsh, J 
Hoy.J. Porter. A O'Rourke, C. McNeill, S. O'Connell, B. Paton. ROW 3: R Morse, 
P Madigan, I McCormick, T. Norris, D. O'Leary, C. Martin. 

ROW 1: L Deignan, K Dickson, D DiNardo ROW 2: C. Cowan, J Dean, D Brown, 
H. Chase, P. Caruso, D. Christie ROW 3: R. Coletta, J. Brown, M. Coyne, M Ditmar. L 
Chapman, C. Collins, M. Caruso. 


ROW 1: D. Whitlow, D Schleicher, J. Perrencello ROW 2: Y Vest, M Zotos, S. Sla- 
den, D. Tilden, T Tewksbury, G. Seavey. ROW 3 J. Thompson, C Southerland, E 
Smith, R. Topper, C. Salerno, A Whitney, J. Roy, M Londergan, J. Zobel. 

ROW 1 D Sargent. M Sarian. ROW 2: N. Roberts, A. Roebuck, W. Pratt, M Settino, ROW 1: S. Atkinson, A Bellefontaine, K Bilodeau, D Buckley ROW 2: B Booth, L. 

C. Stover. ROW }: B Perry, P. Jones, P. Wilmouth. M Quinlan, P. Hurtig, G. Harris, S. McAdams, L McCarthy, J. Dean, J. Brown, J. Carlson, C. Cahill. ROW 3: P Carmody, S. 

Sandblom Barbomb, S Biorklund, T Ballerino, J Barrett, C. Abbruzzese, M Bramblett 

ROW 1 D Farwell, T Fernald. D Fahy. M Dunn. J. Fessler. ROW 2: K. Enos, B. Goy- 
ette. B Drago, M Gurnis ROW i: P. Fox, C. Hoffman. J Farren, M Fichtner, S Fone. 
I Durkin, P Durant 


ROW 1: M. Ferris, A Glasfeld, E. Figueiredo. ROW 2: R. Durant. R. Florescu. D Gun- 
ville, C. Goodwin, B Gwinn, K. Glodgett ROW }: S Fox, J Foell. P Farren. J Durkin. 
L Evans. 


ROW 1: J. Polito, P. Rice, P Plante, D Maloney. ROW 2: P Rattenbury, T. Ross, S. 
Pottenger, S. Quilty, K. O'Connor, D. O'Neill, M. Palimeri. ROW 3: D. Prendergast, T. 
O'Connell, M. Salerno, M. Meallo, T. Piepenbrink, B O'Brien. 

ROW 1 : A Dickson. L. DiTulbio, L Deignan, P Curley, K Diab. D. Davis ROW 2: B. 
Ditmar, B Duncan, S Greenman, C. Dillon. B Donahue. F. Donnelly, M Oillins 



ROW I: A. Cifrino, A Brown ROW 2: H Carroll, L Carroll, H Chase. K. Crough, G. 
Cahill. ROW 3: L. Cossart, G. Caruso, L. Carroll, C. Coe, S. Catrambone, P Coletta 


ROW 1: D Pratt, J O'Brien. J. McNeill, J Frates, T. Goyette, M. Kearney, M. Silvia. A Roebuck ROW 2: A. 
Mullen, L. O Toole, J Rossano, A. Parziale, V. Fox, C Langford, J Lagrotteria, T. Hulien, D McCarthy. R. Froio 
ROW 3: A Gilman, T. O'Brien, Y Dotten, M. Frugoli, C. Kamerschen, J. McCarthy, M. Goff, B Gunville, B. 
Maynard, L. Norris, J. Thayer, T. McMahon, T Healy 

ROW 1 M Patrolia, L. Ryan, C. Stover, K. Scully, R Sargent, J. Schramm, K Salvador, C Polito ROW 2 J 
Vita, L OToolc. R Townsend, S Young. L. Whitlow. S Anderson, N. Spinzola, S Muir. M Miller. P Plante 
ROW V S Murphy, B. Taylor, P Tye, R. Froio, B Beale, B. Sinopoli. J Sandblom. D. Turner, K Pal. men. 1. 


ROW 1 D DiNardo. M. Fasiano.J England ROW 2: D Dolan, A. Frugone, C Dela- 
ney. L. Emmons. M Fink. D Dillion, S Darymple. ROW 3: J Dowler, S. Durant, B 
Duffy. C. Figuciredo, P Drago. S Daniels, M. Fahcy. P Drago 

ROW 1 : S. Wong, T Young, A White. P Stockbridge, R Young. A Yardc ROW 2: S. 
Pratt, C. Williams, D Zobcl, R White. L Wright. S White. A Winchester, Y Zotos. 

ROW 1 | Branagan. E Bear. S Anderson ROW 2 S. Benbow. S Abbruz?esc. P Atkin- 
son. S. Buckley ROW }: R Barrows. S. Baden, S. Ayer. M Brown. D. Block, D Bell. B 
Beak. R Brown 


ROW I: B Gurnis, L Hulicn, S Hurlbut. ROW 2: M. Jones, M Grin- 
nell. B Henry ROW }: C. Halloran. P Johnson, S. Goodwin, S. Good- 
win ROW 4: C Grant, D. Igo, K. Hanlon. ROW 5: A. Hobson, A 
Hobson.J Higgins. ROW 6: J Hoy, B Holworth, B Hollis, T. Hernan. 

ROW 1 P Dormitzer. J Dowler, T. Durant. T Fiori, L Durkin ROW 2: A. Feather 

ston. L, Gilmore. D Duncombc. A Florescu, K Fcrrcira ROW 3: J Donahue, P Duffy, 
M. Froio, M. Glasfeld, R. Fesslcr ROW 4: S Fernald, S. Garvey 


ROW l M White, S. Taylor, C Stockbridge, S. Winn. P Trask ROW 2: M Watson. 
T. Walls, C Tinory, A Whitley. ROW 3: G. Smart, G Westerhoff. G. White. L Trav- 
ers, K. Smalzel ROW 4 J Yeomans. R Smith, M Wilkinson, S. Yake. 

KOW 1: B Mack, C. Knight, A Kearney, K Lipsett, P. Klier ROW 2: D Ladragan. L 
Kurtz, B Kurtz, J. Livingston, L. Marchesi, J MacKenzie. M Luff, T Libby. B Lincoln. 
ROW 3 A Lewis. J Lance,J. Lyons, K Lenahan, B Laugelle. A Latson. J. Malone, T. 


ROW 1; K Bramblett, K Bursk, M Buckley, H. Brown, P. Buckley, C Bonner ROW 
2: C Beamon, C. Bliss, B. Birman, M. Bulger, J Antoine. ROW 3: S. Ayer, D. Brown, L 
Alemian, H. Brown, K Andrews, B. Blossom, J. Allen. 

ROW t: J. Robbins, K Ralf, J. Sestito. ROW 2: H. Pietrowski, L. Puis, A. Patrolia, S. 
Roebuck, G Raffa, T Ramsey, E. Richards, M. Polito. ROW 3: A. Shooshan, C. Pratt, 
G. Salerno. M Rattenbury, K. Ross, G Pratt, K Patrolia, S. Saleski. 

ROW 1: S McCool, L Murphy, D McNulty ROW 2: R. Osborne, S Murphy, C. 
O'Brien, M. Neelon, M O'Brien, J. Muir, D. McMahon ROW 3: A Hart, S O'Donnell, 
M. Packard, M. O'Brien, R. O'Brien, A. Marsh, T. McNabb, S. Masterbona, T O'Brien, 
L. Wniiams. 

ROW 1: N. Cone, H. Clinton, N DiNardo. D Cossart ROW 2: B Cogill, G DeVito, 
J Carey, C Callahan, R Connelly, S Cesario ROW 3: T Diab, D Chapman, J Carroll, 
D Chisholm, L. Collins. S. Cahill, K. Davis 


ROW 1 T Swain. T Sweeney. B Salvador..! McNeill ROW 2: B Sal- 
vador. D Sargent. T. Stanford, D Sestito ROW 3: J Smith. R. 
Schwartz. S Ripley, J. Leonard. ROW 4: K. Ross, M. Shea, G. Smith. J 
Kamerschen. ROW V K. Salerno, T. Ryan. D. Kowal, B St. John. 
ROW 6: B. Kennedy, M. Roy, L. Sandblom, L. Shepard. 

ROW l D Fcathcrstone. G Dcignan. B Duncombc, D Frates ROW 2: T. Esposito.j. 
Durant. M Durant. J Ditmar, K Dcxjlcy. J Dickson. K Duncan, S Froio ROW V C 
DtjRgci. M Ellis, R Donahue. S D'Onfrio. P Donovan. M Di Nardo, T Figueiredo. B. 



ROW 1 E Zimmer, A Tedechi, S. Young, T Young. J Williams ROW 2: M Taylor, 
M. Underhill, C. Wurtzel. P. Walsh. B Whitlow. S Thornton. 

ROW 1 M Mahoney, B Kennedy. R Ix-Cirow.J I.insley ROW 2; K Moore. D Mac- 
Kinnon, K. Murphy, B. MadDonald. B. McAuliffe. M Norton. D Lahive. B Landy. E. 
Murphy ROW 3: W Handrahan. C. Karchcr. S MiAdams. T. Nawn. T Lucas. A Mur- 
phy. G Mittman. S Luff, M McCloskey. 



ROW l: J Benbow, L Atkinson, S. Bowen. A. Beale, A Abbruzzese. ROW 2: D. 
Andrews, A. Bear, J. Becker, C. Adams, T Birman, S. Bishop. ROW 3: M Barcomb, S. 
Barrett, K. Ainslie, T. Atkinson, S. Arnold, K. Barrett. ROW 4: T. Bila, L. Bowditch, M. 
Brady, M Birman. 

ROW I : L Gruber. L Howard, M Hannon, D. Gunville, P Johnson, K Hoy ROW 2 
L Jones. D Hall, D. Infusino, L. Hines, K. Howley. D Hollis. A Humphreys ROW }: 
R. Harrington, L.James, P Jacobs, S. Giles, C. Grew, H Grant, K Ingemi.J Goyette. 

ROW 1: P Cone, S. Dalrymple. ROW 2: H Brown, R Calabro, K. Cowan, 
A. Chittim. ROW 3: S. Cook, C. Collins, S. Curran. ROW 4: C. Cesario, L. 
Cahill, S. Buckley. ROW 5: K. Chatterton, S Luff, P Carlson, P Conlan. 
ROW 6: P Buckley, A DeGiacomo, L. Conklin 

ROW 1 D Reed, C. OToole, A. Plante, A Pottenger, G. Ricketts ROW 2 C: Pratt, J 
Replogle, H. Pratt.J. Price. M. O'Brien ROW 3: C Raffa. L Pfaffman, K. O'Brien, N. 
Powers, M. Reever ROW 4: S O'Rourke, K. Pietrowski, A. O'Brien. B Powers. D Rey- 
nolds. D O'Connell. R Rosano, F Quelle 


Underclass Officers 

Class of 1978 


Class of 1980 


GINA CARUSO — Secretary 

PAUL D'ONOFRIO — Treasurer 

RHONDA GOFF — Treasurer 

LYNN OTOOLE — Treasurer 


Mr. Emmons Mr. Kite Mr. Leary Mr. MacDonald 

Mr. Reade Mrs. Schleiff Mrs. Wood Mr. Wunschcl 

Social Studies 

Mr. MacDermott Mr. Raccuia Mr. Sheehan (Chairman) Mrs. Tribeman 

Art Music 

Ms. Lee Mr. Lucas Mrs. Doherty Mr. Janks 


Mrs. Bates Miss Beatson Mr. Cederholm Mr. Davis (chairman) 

Foreign Language 

Miss Cccsarini Mr. Federico Mr. Fortin Miss Gray 

Metco Physical 
Coordinator Education 

Mr. Narkiewicz Mr. O'Neil Mrs. Burns Mr. Chatterton 

Mr. Dorr Mrs. Kealey Mr. Kuntz Miss Watson 


Mr. Cisneros 

Mr. Erbe 

Mr. Franey 

Mr. Gilmartin 

Mr. Lessard 

Mr. Mika Mr. Thompson 


Mrs. Thoren 

Mr. Ward 

Miss Babaian 

Mr. Leary, Director 

Mr. Mundhenk 


Business Nurse 

Mrs. Lahage Miss O'Mara Mrs. Wool Mrs. DiGregorio 

Special Needs 

Mr. Leach Mrs. Ely Miss Singleton Mrs. Holmes 

Home Economics Math Assistants 

Mrs. Glover Mrs. Wunschel Mr. James Miss Brady 


Secretarial Staff 

Mrs. Anderson Mrs. Bowen Mrs. Brighton Mrs. Brennock 

Mrs. Sands Mrs. Woomer Mr. Joseph Dr. Packard 

9 A 


High School District 

MR. DiGIROLAMO — Ass't Principal 


Varsity Football 

HRST ROW: R. Hobson, B. Roy, M. Salerno, B. Buckley, M. Meallo, J. Durkin, B. Conlan, D. Prendergast, K. Dooley. SECOND ROW: B. Drago, D. Blakeman, B. Reynolds, D. Silvia, 
N. O'Brien, L. Drago, S. Vivian, K. Buckley, B. Mulhern, S. Gilmore, S. Sandblom, D. Gunville. THIRD ROW: Coach MacDermott, J. Durkin, T. Dooley, S. Fone, J. Roy, T. Ballerino, J. 
Farren, M. Fitchner, T. Norris, Coach Henderson, P. Farren, S. Keating, C. Abruzzese, I. McCormick.J. Hoy, M. Caruso, B. Goyette, J. Vivian, Coach Walsh. 


Captain "Best Back" "MVP" 

"MVP Thanksgiving Day" 

Freshman Football 

FIRST ROW: S. Cessario, P. Drago, T. Libby, P. Drago, B. Kurtz, M. Froio, E. Bear, M. Luff, B. Maynard, T. Goyette. SECOND ROW: K. Lenahan, J. Lyons, D. Dillon, R. Froio, B. 
Beale, R Young, B. Gunville, J McCarthy, N. Gjestby, T. MacMahon, J. McNeill, S. Ayer, D. McCarthy. THIRD ROW: J. Ayer, J. Thayer, S. Baden, D. Turner, B. Taylor, R. White, M. 

Goff, J. Kelleher, M Brown, C. Coc, B Healy, L. Norris, S. Anderson. 








KNEELING: Co-Captains M. Sarian, M. Foster. STANDING: C. Salvador, H. Chase, K. Westerhoff, S. 
Quilry, L. Chapman, L. Taylor, S. Sladen, G. Seavey. 


KNEELING: M. Joyce, L. McCarthy, D. Brown, M. Coe, A. Whelan, J. Dean, L. McAdams, D. Whitlow. 
STANDING: M. Dunn, C. Stover, A. O'Rourke, L. Whelan, P. Fox, S. Greenman, K. Linsley, S. Sladen, and 
Coach Babaian. 


J.V. Field Hockey 

KNEELING: K. Cahill, R. Sargent, E. Figueiredo, K. Stanford, R. Sargent — (Co-Captain), D. Maloney — (Co-Captain), M. White, H. Brown, K. Day, 
S. Buckley. STANDING: Coach Kealy, K. Day, A. Kearney, K. Day, C. Delaney, S. Abruzzese, E. McCarthy, J. Sandblom, A. Featherston, V. Fox, M. 
Frugoli, S. Stover, D. O'Neil, S. Sisson. 

Varsity Soccer 

KNEELING: T. Bursk, V. Vanderlugt, K. Fahy, J. Walls, M. Carroll, J. Donnelly, S. MacKenzie, B. Marsden. STANDING: C. MacKenzie, T. Piepenbrink, P. Lenahan, B. Drake, J. 
Turner, S. Replogle, C. Langford, Coach Fortin. 


"Unsung Hero" "Most Improved" "MVP," Co-Captain 

J.V. Soccer 

SITTING: T. Langford, D. Currelli, C. Young, J. MacKenzie, B. Duncombe, R. O'Brien, S. Duncombe, J. O'Brien. KNEELING: D. Hanlon, R. Florescu, S. JansicsJ. Hines, P. Duffy, J. 
Keane, P. Rice, C. Cowan, A Brassard THIRD ROW: Coach Mazza, D. Schleicher, R. Topper, B. Keane, B. Baird, R. Tebbetts, G. Smith, E. Donnelly, B. O'Brien, T. Piepenbrink. 



"C'mon guys, let's rest." 


KNEELING: D. Chisholm, D. Kowal, T. Birman, E. O'Brien, L. Carroll, W. O'Neill, H. Chase. STANDING: Coach T. O'Neil, A. Roe- 
buck, M. O'Rourke, K. Neelon, S. Masterbona, K. Andrews, M. Mahoney, A. O'Brien. 

Rubber legs. Gotta get going! Which way to Moscow? 


Cross Country 

KNEELING: A. Glasfcld, A. White, E. Price, S. Cahill, C. Cahill (Co-Captain). STANDING: Coach O'Neil, J. Zobel, J. Catrambone, J. Bowen, 
D. Pratt (Co-Captain). 



"And they're off!" 


ROW 1 B Lincoln. J. Kelleher. Co-Captains B Kutz. T. Libby, M Luff ROW 2: Coach SchultzJ. 
Lyons. K Goff. D. Infusino. K. Ross. I CVBrien. G. Salerno. Coach Sawyer 

1 1 1 







ROW 1 D Maloney, C Kelly, S. Greenman, B. Donahue, Coach Ahern. ROW 2: R Goff, S White. S. Potten- 
ger. R Townsend, J. Sandblom.J. Millard. 


Coach Mazza 
D Jancsics 
E. McCarthy 
N. Laue 
K. Reynolds 
A Parziale 
L. Carroll 
E. O'Brien 
S. Abbruzzese 
C. Stover 
J. Rosano 
L. Carroll 
G. Caruso 
V. Fox 
L OToole 
L. O'Connor 
S. Buckley 

'You're not going to get by me!' 

8th Grade 

Coach McGann 
M. Roy 
T. Walls 
J. Donahue 
J Higgins 
D. Chisholm 
J. Carroll 
H. Clinton 
K. Bursk 
K. Salerno 
H Brown 
K. O'Brien 
T. Diab 
A. Kearney 
L. Collins 
B Birman 
L. Gilmore 

A little advice 

Up, up and 



"I think it goes . . . that way." 





L to R — C. Golden, K. Bilodeau, Co-Captain A Carroll. M. Howley, (on top) Co-Cap- 
tain C Salvador. 

Sponsored by Roman Research 

Varsity Hockey 

ROW I: M St John, H. Schramm, J Bowcn, D. Farwell, L Drago, J. Catrambone, D Pratt, D. Patrolia ROW 2: P. Tye, M Fichtner, C Cowan. D 
Tilden, I McCormick, C Abbruzzese. S Fox, L Evans, S. Sandblom, B Drago. T. O'Connell, Coach MacDermott 

Junior Varsity 

ROW 1: C Cahill, J. McNeill, D. Yeager, P. Cook, P. Drago, B Beale, D. Dillon. R. White, P. Drago. J. Livingston. C Spinzola. ROW 2: D. 
O'Connell, S. Fone, J. McNeill, T. Geary, J. Ayer, M. Brown, Coach Walsh, B Hollis. N. Gjesteby, C. Dillon, J. Roy, M.Jones, R. Nickerson. 






What's the rave? 

The Baz Clan. 


A proud father. 

Smile pretty ! 

What a great day! 

It's been a long day. 

So, what's new? 

The King is this way. 


Powderpuff '76 
Seniors 24 
Juniors 16 




ROW 1: L. Norris, S. Ripley, A Shooshan, D.Jones, C. Pratt.J. Shooshan, P. MacIntosh.J Herman, T. Diab, D. Zobel. ROW 2: T. Durant, K. Day, L 
Moncouri, K Brennock, M. Frugoli, H. Carroll, K. Day, L Kurtz, P Dormitzer, S Sisson, J Millard, L. Golino, M. O'Brien ROW 3: A. Tye, M. Zotos, B. 
O'Brien, A. Roebuck, A. Mullen, S Atkinson, K. Daniels, K O'Brien, G Ashjian, J. Buckley, J Higgins. ROW 4: M. Glasfeld. A Patrolia, R. White, P. 
Branagan, T. Tewksbury, C Williams, P Tye. M Hannon, L Ryan, M Fahey ROW 5: Mr Janks, D Reynolds, B. Blossom, A. Trask, L Carroll. S 
Bowen, J. Price, G. Smith, P. Plante, S. Dillon. 

ROW 1 : L. Kurtz, E Gruber, A. Hobson, M O'Brien, G Westerhof f, K Bramblett, C. Bonner, T. Birman, S. Giles, L. Hulien, S. Young. 
ROW 2: J Higgins, C. O'Brien, C. Bliss, E. Conklin, C. Barrett, H Grant, C Grew, A Murphy, A. O'Brien, C Hoy ROW 3: P. Dormit- 
zer, M. Glasfeld, M. Birman, J Benbow, J. Allen. M Underhill, T. Durant, M. Hannon, S. Ripley, T Atkinson, J. Ditmar, Mr Janks. 
ROW 4: E. Hurtig, A Patrolia, J Becker, D Reynolds. K R.ilf, J Price, S. Bowen, J Hernan, C. Pratt, T. Diab, A Shooshan. 


ROW 1: C. Williams, J. Shooshan, M Meallo ROW 2: A. Traslc, R Cook, B. Blossom, L Taylor, P. Trask, A. White, S. 
Daniels. ROW 3: P. Atkinson, M Ditmar, L. Golino, M Fichtner, L. Norris, P Atkinson, Director Mr. Janks. 

Director Mr. Emmons 



ROW l A. Beale. H.jCHmon. L. Alcmian. ROW 2: 
L. Marchesi. S Froio. B. Gurnis. K Bursk. P. John- 
son. ROW 3: M White. J. DeVito, C Grant. J Car- 
roll. J. Kamerschen ROW 4: A. Murphy. S Bishop. 
K. Andrews. A. Whitley. M Bulger. K Smatzcl 

ROW 1 : D Reed. A Tedechi, A Plante, K. Cowan, 
M. Mahoney ROW 2: S. Cuff. L Pfaffman, E. Zim- 
mer. H. Brown. L. Durkin ROW 3: L. Thornton, G. 
Lucas. K. Hanlon. N. Cone. T Birmann ROW 1 
D. Chisholm. C. Adams, M. Brown, L. Cahill, K. 
How ley 

ROW I: M Shea. P Cone, K Ross. S Young. H. Pratt. L Howard 
ROW 2: C. Pratt. S. Barrett. W. Handrahan. C. Collins. S. Goodwin, B 
Birnunn ROW 3 I Donahue, S Gixxiwin. B Hobson. H Pietrowski, 
G. Hobson, T. Walls. ROW 4: M. Watson. L Collins. A. Lewis. L. Gil- 
more. L Sheppard 


Jr. -Sr. Student Council 

FIRST ROW: J Price, J. Benbow. SECOND ROW: M Shea.J. Smith. L Hines, M. O'Brien, C. Barrett, T. Durant, M Hannon. THIRD 

ROW: T. McNabb, H Brown, P.Johnson, M. Watson, M Bulger, P. Duffy.J Muir. 

High Times 

■ W ill' I" 1 " » 1 

ROW 1: L Montuori. ROW 2: C Williams, D. Neelon, L. Carroll, N Roberts, G Meallo, S, Sweeney ROW 3: 
Ashjian, J. Zobel, K. Gleaves, S. Dillon, M McLean, L. Golino.J. Donnelly, P. Atkinson. 

ROW 1: C Bouknight, Y. Porter, G. Sutherland, P. Latson, A. Hart, C Latson, Y Vest ROW 2: P. Jones, C. 
Quinerly, K. Clark, C. Wilmoth, W. West. ROW 3: D. Christie, M. Hines, G Harris, J Thompson, P. Wil- 
moth. K Gleaves, R Mograss, B. Perry, G Harris, M. Miller. 

Health Careers 

L to R — A. O'Conncll, S Atkinson, J. Driscoll, D Buckley, K. Curelli, Mrs. DiGregorio, A. Tye, L Deignan. 

Varsity Club 

FIRST ROW: D Brown (President), S. Sladen (Vice-President), M. Joyce (Secretary), D. Whitlow (Treasurer), K. Linsley, D. Goyette, A. 
O'Rourke SECOND ROW: C Mulligan, A Bellefontaine, S. Buckley, L. Deignan, H. Chase, G. Seavey, M. Sarian. THIRD ROW: B. O'Brien. 
C McNeill, A. Tye, M. Coe, P. Fox, L. Kjer, A. Roebuck. FOURTH ROW: M. McNeill, E McCarthy, Miss Watson. 


Margaret Barlow leaves Pamina the blue death. 
Donald Bell leaves a brown-eyed chicken. 

Josselyn Besse leaves Mr. Emmons and Mr. Collins with a "smile, God loves you," and a neigh. 

Ellen Bishop leaves still promising Mr. Kuntz she found the papers on Jerusalem Road. 

Dan Blakeman leaves with a thought — "Never let your schooling interfere with your education." 

Chris Bobo leaves the meat market to anyone who wants it. 

Corlis Bouknight leaves laughter. 

Jack Bowen leaves all the answers to Ed. 

Greg Bramblett leaves his unbreakable metal ashtray and a jackass with a peanut to Renee. 
Andre Brassard leaves the garage door open for Dan Blakeman. 
Kana Brennock leaves her mother with no one left to check up on. 
John Buckley leaves Mrs. Woomer a megaphone. 
Kevin Buckley leaves WVBF his hit record. 
Ted Bursk leaves his math homework to Mr. Walsh, eh? 
James Cahill leaves the thought of leaving behind. 
Susan Cahill leaves "satisfaction guaranteed." 
Gayle Callahan leaves a lot of old friends. 

Andrea Carroll leaves old enough but not old enough to know better. 
Lee Douglass Carroll leaves many people sighing with relief. 
Mark Carroll leaves Bo Willy his own new periscope. 

Joe Catrambone leaves Mario Abbruzzese a racecar and 10 more feet of track. 
Kim Clark leaves her gym classes to underclassmen. 
Mary Coe leaves Buz 8 out of 9. 
Bill Coleman leaves are green. 
Ann Cotter leaves with two more to go. 
Karen Curelli leaves her nickname to anyone who wants it. 
Kim Daniels leaves her family an open line. 

Lesley Dickson leaves Mr. Henderson tips on "How to Mind Your Own Business." 
Kathy Dillon leaves her tears in Mr. Collins' office. 
Sandy Dillon leaves her red sneakers that still stop on a dime. 
Maribeth Dolan leaves Mr Reade the last of the Dolans. 
Kathy Donahue leaves but nobody saw her. 
JoAnn Donnelly leaves a master of Blarney. 

Joe Donnelly leaves a fire extinguisher in Mr. Erbe's room empty. 
Maryanne Dooley leaves "Dools" to Kevin. 
Larry Drago leaves football forever. 
Bob Drake leaves waiting for a Victor scoop. 
Suzie Ellis leaves a snorkel. 

Joan Emanuello leaves 5 new suits to a faculty member. 
Kieran Fahy leaves Ms. Perreault a can of Afro-sheen. 
Martha Fink leaves one more Fink to carry on the Anti-Lucas tradition. 
Missy Foster leaves her show business career behind reluctantly. 
Scott Gilmore leaves a bump. 
Karen Gleaves leaves the last Gleaves. 
Laura Golino leaves out of rune and out of focus. 
Debbie Goyette leaves the pitching to someone else. 

Pam Gunville leaves buf mud slide slim and the blue horizon and jude the reasons why. 
Whitney Halloran leaves his pig. 

George Harris leaves Walter a bar of soap and Brian Perry a Gilette 3000. 
Eric Joseph leaves singing. 

John Kearney leaves the hard life of studying to — Niblet. 
Bill Kelly leaves to check out the harbor. 
Paula Leahy leaves the girl's Senior lounge a Christmas choir. 
Judy Lenahan leaves the "Toots" with a flipped lid. 
Paul Lewis leaves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 




Lisa Lyons leaves Mr. Kite with no more sweathogs. 
Scott M.icKenzie leaves Jenny and Bob one more ride. 
Ed Marchesi leaves C.H.S. far behind. 
Billy Marsdcn leaves Tom Lag wondering where all the rave went. 
John Maurer leaves Tom Ballerino his driving record. 
Peter Macintosh leaves Mr. Janks Chris Pratt. 

Marycarol McNeill leaves a bunch of freshmen with no one to punch and an unwritten expose on the Guid- 
ance department 
Sue McNulty leaves passively. 
Greg Meallo leaves a new set of blocs. 
Stuart Millard leaves Latin behind reluctantly. 
Renee Mograss leaves a memory. 

Lisa Montuori leaves a whip, a chair, and a bottle of "No-Doze" to next year's Senior Class Editor. 

Bob Mulhern leaves 18 and a Mac Donald's pickle. 

Cyn-dee Mulligan leaves in search of a sense of humor. 

Dan Neelon leaves Lee a book on humility. 

Val Norris leaves barefooted. 

Neal O'Brien leaves indebted to his lab partners. 

Annemarie O'Connell leaves praying. 

Paul O'Leary leaves his likes and dislikes sheet. 

Karen Porter doesn't leave; she missed the bus. 

Don Pratt leaves Richie a golf ball to take the place of THE FOOTBALL 
Scott Puis leaves Andre a six pack of Colt 45. 
Peter Reardon leaves B3. 

Stewart Replogle leaves Rodger and Jeff his blue box. 

Bill Reynolds leaves Mr. Walsh a booklet on the other 25 letters of the alphabet. 
Rodger Rice leaves the phone number of his insurance company to Larry Drago. 
Jenny Riveria leaves her history and shorthand books. 

Jean Roberts leaves Nicky the camper parked at Sandy Beach with a line of foreign women waiting outside. 

Richard Ryan leaves whatever he couldn't bring. 

Joanne Sadler leaves Mr. Davis a class of Seniors with "smarts." 

Crystal Salvador leaves Mrs. Lahage to figure out the depletion on O. J.'s fixed assets. 
Debbie Seavey leaves 1 less headache for Mr. Lucas. 
John Shooshan leaves 228 and 3A with cold feet. 

Don Silvia leaves not even knowing why he bothered to show up in the first place. 
Greg Spalt leaves his tips on better school dinners to Roger Rice. 
Doug Stover- leaves Mr. Lucas his metal sculpture. 
Ernest Studley leaves nothing 

Betsy Taylor leaves one very well used copy of Andrea Carroll's book, "Being old enough but not being old 

enough to know better." 
Lisa Taylor leaves student teachers for someone else to gaze at. 
Pam Tillotson leaves a heater for Mr. Emmons' room. 
Nancy Trettis leaves Lydia the bomb to complete that she didn't finish. 
Alison Tye leaves Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Brennock, and Mrs Di with peace. 
Steve Vivian leaves Jeff Walls with keys and a shovel. 
Jeff Walls leaves his reputation in Middleboro. 
Robert Walsh leaves his Bromo-Selzer beside the cafeteria exits. 
Donna Washburn leaves her old shorthand notebooks to Mrs. Lahage. 
Ann Whelan leaves her "Fanny" behind. 
Rick White leaves the C.H.S. "AD" a playtex girdle. 
Dawn Whitney leaves in January. 
Cindy Yeomans leaves Sam lost in Mrs Thoren's room. 


— if" r J- 



Rev. Joseph T. Brennan 

Dedicated Pastor of 
Saint Anthony's Parish 

Donated by the St. Anthony's 
Catholic Youth Organization 

Best Wishes 

to the 
Class of 1977 

Your Professional Pharmacy 


South Main Street 

Congratulations to the 1977 Graduates 
From Us Graduates. 

Daniel '64 Michele '68 

Paul '68 Gerard 70 

and and 

Dale (Magliozzi) 70 Lynn (Pape) 70 

Eileen 71 Brian 72 


Blakeman 76 

Albert 75 Paula 74 

Mark 76 Marina 75 


and Best 
Wishes to 
the Class 
of 1977 

Indeed We 
Are Proud 

of Our 
Schools and 
Their Excellence 

Gateway to Excellence 

Come to the Beautiful World of Two Famous Landmarks 
Side by Side on Picturesque Cohasset Harbor 

At HUGO'S You'll Enjoy 

At KIMBALL'S You'll Enjoy 

Breathtaking Decor and Oceanview 

From Every Seat 
Glowing Fireplaces to Welcome You 
Watch Cruising Yachts and Hugo's 

Lobster Fleet While Dining 
Select Your Seafood From Our Indoor 

Ocean Pools 
Prime Steaks and Chops From Our 

Charcoal Galley 
Intimate Cocktail Lounges 
Dancing Nightly 
Orchestra and Organ Artists 

• Deluxe Rooms With Balconies With 

Ocean and Garden Views 

• Telephone and Color TV in Every Room 

• Shuffle Board and Putting Green 

• Men's and Women's Exercise Rooms 

and Saunas 

• Heated Oversized Swimming Pool 

With a Diving Board 

• Whirlpool and Sun Lamps 

• Game Room 

• Golf and Tennis Available 

• Yachting and Fishing 


Where People Come by Choice 
Not by Chance 







to the 
CLASS of 1977 




Our Very Best to 
the Members of the 
Class of 1977 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Murray 

Always Remember Them. 
Try Our Specialties 
Anyone Who Tastes Them Once Will 


Do you want faster service? 

Call 383-6262 
We will have it ready for you. 

1 30 King St., Rt. 3A Cohasset, Massachusetts 

Cushing Plaza 
Cohasset, Mass. 

nir m Si +. 


8fp Jfif Towle Sterling 

w ® 

1I\1X *ifV^\ Movado, Bulova 
ll \Ha 1 II 11 (K \V Accutron Watches 

f r '-'Ev^ — Cushing Plaza, Cohasset 
\L^J LERS |H 383-1755 


&t*fa 22 <3)efici 9>i. 

%«kaM«{, .Ua<*. 02025 <3}uxiu\#, Mat*. 02332 
383 1498 934-G040 


Cushing Plaza 


Chrysler Plymouth 
International Harvester 



Route 3A Cohasset, Mass. 02025 
Phone (617) 383-6700 

Compliments of 





1 3 Elm Street Cohasset, Massachusetts 

Best Wishes 

Class of 1977 


Hair Stylist 

Five Stage Coach Way 
Cohasset, Massachusetts 



107 Ripley Road 
Sub Sandwiches 

Serving Breakfast and Lunch 


Party Platters 
Best Wishes 
Class of '77 


Best Wishes to the Class of 1 977 

Homeroom ff 1 5 


Let these Sheratons 
torn your next business trip 
into a Showpiece tour 


A deluxe Showplace: lavish 
Tower suites, year round pool, 
eight great restaurants, convenient 
Prudential Center location. 


The Sheraton Centre 

TORONTO. A Showplace Hotel in a 
Showplace town. Two movie 
theatres, spectacular Pinnacle 
Restaurant and lively entertainment. 

Philadelphia Sheraton 

In the heart of Penn Center 
business district, near Independence 
Hall and the historic sights. Three 
lounges and four places to dine. 

• New York Sheraton* 

Elegant restaurants, choice meeting 
rooms. Near everything in Midtown 
Manhattan: The Coliseum, Fifth Ave- 
nue, Lincoln and Rockefeller Centers. 

Jheraton-Dallas • 

Southern hospitality in the Southland 
Center, Texas-size rooms and three 
restaurants including the Stampede 
Room, famous for prime steaks. 


WASHINGTON D.C. Minutes from 
historic sights and office buildings. 
Free downtown shuttle. Deluxe 
Wardman Tower conference settings. 

• • • •_• * # • • 


For a reservation at any 
Sheraton Showplace. call toll-free 


Or in Missouri call: 800-392-3500 
Or have your <*^~y*i 
travel agent call, f^^l 



•Four Ambassadors* 

MIAMI. A Showplace with only 
suites. And its own marina on 
Biscayne Bay! Gourmet restaurant 
live entertainment and two pools. 


Twenty-eight stories tall in the 
Lone Star State. Let this showplace i 
entertain you with two restaurants 
and a lively lounge. 



The Vendome 

160 Commonweal *h A \'° 



Cushing Plaza 


Cohasset Village 

Native Lobster — Fresh Fish 
(Caught by Us) 
Bfllfpd Stuffed Lobsters 
Fried Seafood to Go 

383 0750 


35 South Main Street 


A "House-Sold" Word 

5 South Main Street 
Cohasset, Mass. 02025 

Property Management — Sales — Rentals 
EffuiaH Investments | 

Nu5^ l?E ALIO" 


$ Congratulations to the Class of 1977 

Affordable Antiques for Everyone 

Open Daily 

and Sunday 
Across From 
the Post Office 
Cohasset, Mass. 


Donald M. Flocke President 
Brigantine East 
Route 3A, Cohasset, Ma. 

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 
Saturday 9:30 A.M.-5:00 P.M. 
Wednesday 9:30 A.M.- 1 2:00 
Evenings by Appointment 




tipley Rd. 




For People 
Who Care 

Cohasset, Mass. 


Cohasset Hingham 

Best Wishes to 
the Class of 77 


Rt. 3A 


Air Conditioned 


The 1 704 


Cohasset Village 

The tender, sizzling goodness of our Steaks, and Chops, the Fresh Flavour of 
our Native Seafoods are legend in these parts. 
Open daily year round from noon. 

A favorite stopover for Fine Food and hospitality since the days of the 
Boston- Plymouth Stage Coach. 

Luncheons Served Daily 

Open Daily Noon 'Till I A.M. 

Member of Carte Blanche Master Charge 

American Express 






Shop the Big Lot — A- 1 Used Cars 

Route 3A 
400 Chief Justice Cushing Highway 



Look for Our New Location 
Rt. 3A Cohasset 


Ma. 02025 

Creative Needlepoint and Crewel 
Knitting Yarns 

2 1 South Main St., Cohasset Village, (6 1 7) 383- 1 358 


General Auto Repairing 
Wrecker Service 

Route 3A 

Cohasset, Mass. 383-0497 


Roy and Vivian Branton 
Daniel P. Neelon 
Ann O'Mara 

Mr. and Mrs. William MacKinnon 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Buckley 

Michelle Buckley 

Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Buckley 

John R. Buckley 

Brian D. Buckley 

Donna Buckley 

Jay Piepenbrink 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Buckley 

Marycarol McNeill 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. McNeill 

Andy Shooshan 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis K. Shooshan 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. McCoobery 
Mr. and Mrs. Colin A. Studds III 
Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Audet 
Jill Duncan 

Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Coblentz 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Beale 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman P. Anderson 

Mrs. Ruth Mitchell 

Scott P. Anderson 

John Gutherie 

Bob Beale 

Mrs. Joan Doyle 

Mrs. John L. Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Gilman 

Anne Marie Gilman 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Pizzano Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Salvador 

Pat Scully 

Mark Salvador 

Scott Barnes 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Byrnes 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Collins 

Mr. Edmund Lahage 

Marilyn Watson 

Ms. Doris Lahage 

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Mello 

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Litchfield 

Roberta L. Taylor 

David B. Short 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Tyeryar 

Mrs. Antonio Mello 

Mrs. Angelina Garrett 

Barbara B. Taylor 

Peter J. O'Loughlin Jr. 

Charles C. Harding 

Michael J. O'Brien 

John Doherty 

Paul C. Johnson 

David A. Rice 

Roger L. Rice 

Mrs. Jane A. Rice 

David Lubrano 

Mr. Norman E. Fridlington 

Betty Neelon 

Tony and Faye Camardo 

Hazel and Denis Treadgold 

Lisa Montuori 

Richard and Kitty Wojcik 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Neelon 

Robert Turner 

Fred Howe 

Mrs. J. Drysdale 

John Vivian 

Mr. and Mrs. Seavey 

Mrs. Carole Meers 

Mrs. Ann Kelley 

Ann Hublitz 

Joan Shockman 

Frederick C. Gamst 

Mrs. Jean Tye 

Mr. Ronald Tye 

Philip Tye 

Jacqueline Tye 

John Thompson 

Ned Thompson 

Mrs. Thomas Jackson 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wunschel, Jr. 

Miss Teddie Wunschel 

Mr. Dick Wunschel 

Ms. Lizzie Wunschel 

Mrs. Janet Di Gregorio 

Mary A. Babaian 

F. Louise Sands 

Mr. George Fortin 

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Plante 

Mr. Clark Chatterton 

Margo and Bill 

Mr. John Leary, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Leary 

Mr. Ron Emmons 

A Friend 

Mr. Charles Davis 

Miss Perreault 

Mr. Charles Mundhenk 

Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Roberts 

Mrs. Joan Wool 

Mr. Tom Parziale 

Mr. Michael Micchiche 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Washburn, Sr 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Washburn, Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Davis 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goyette 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Goyette 

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hall 

Jackie Goyette 

Mrs. Judith Hall 

Janice Hall 

Judy Hall 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hall 
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Broderick 
Chittenden Corporation 
Captain and Mrs. Richard Flint 
John H. Murphy 
Norman E. Swain 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman I. Fridlington 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Lodge 
Fran and John Howley 
Bill and MaryBeth Lean 
Jim and Ruth McGinnis 
William and Dorothy Montuori 


Edward T. Donnelly, Ph.D. 
C. David Thompson, O.D. 
Edward H. Seadale, D.D.S. 
Jonathan C. Wood, D.M.D. 
Robert J. Riley, D.M.D. 
Richard Smith, M.D. 
Richard D. Monsees, M.D. 
James F. Penza, M.D. 
Bernard A. O'Brien, Ph.D. 

Francis X. Mahoney, D.D.S. 
David L. Maltz, M.D. 
Roger A. Pompeo, M.D. 
Stephen J. O'Connor, M.D. 
Robert T. Sceery, M.D. 
Michael Equi, D.D.S. 
Joseph Santelli, D.D.S. 
Theodore O. Macklin, Ph.D. 
John M. Cahill, M.D. 


James R. DeSiacamo 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Railsback 

Roger B. Coulter 

David E. Place 

J. Blake Thaxter, Jr. 

Richard A. Henderson 

Maurice E. McLaughlin, Jr. 
Charles J. Humphreys 
Peter J. O'Laughlin, Jr. 

John F. Elliot 

John Linsley 

John F. Maloney, E.D.D. 

Good Luck to the Class of 77 





Route 3A Cohasset 

fi ■ ilnhn lie 

VI VI ■ V# I IVI VI ^> 




Hrivp a 1 IH p ^1 S^vp ^ I ni 

L/i i v c a l_ i i c ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ a v c a i 

1 c 

Sales • Service • Parts 

Autos — Trucks — Used Cars 

Daily Rentals and Leasing 

Complete Body Shop 


RT. 3A Cohasset-Scituate Line 

<® A* 




h-mr coloring Styling - Natural Wave Permenants 


Coiffures of Distinction 


■'Next to ground Round and Brigantinf. East" 

Compliments of 


Hiking, Camping, Backpacking, 
Freeze Dried Food, Food for Storage, 
Dive Shop, Tennis, and Much More!!! 

I 66 Cushing Highway, Cohasset 
383-91 16 



I 7 Convenient Offices: Rockland • Rockland Plaza • Bridgewater, 
Cohasset • Duxbury • Halifax • Hanover • Hanover Mall 
Hanson • Hingham • Hull • Marshfield • Norwell 
Pembroke • Plymouth • Scituate • Whitman 
Member FDIC 

Here You May Choose From a Complete Selection 
of the World's Finest Jewelry and Silverware 

. . .that 
gracious confidence 
in any circle 
of friends 


Good Luck 

Dr. and Mrs. Roger A. Pompeo 
His Staff 

James Brooke Building 
12 Parkingway, Cohasset 

Antenna Systems, Towers and 
Structures, RF Components 



I 55 King Street 
(617)383 1200 

Cohasset, Ma. 02025 
TWX(7I0) 346 7605 

On the South Shore 
Discriminating People Know 


Has Personalized, Creative 
Solutions for Their Decorating 
Problems at Home or Business 

Philip H. Smith 
Associate Member A.S.I.D. 

Road Service 




Specializing in Ignition and Carburetion 
and Complete Automotive Service 
Tire Truing and Balancing 

Wayne H. Robbins 

405 North Main Street 
Cohasset, Massachusetts 

8 Depot Court — 383-1451 
Cohasset Village 






383 9100 

c/o Bob Mullin — Realtor 

Anne Muir 
Ruth McGinnis 
Pam Johnson 
Lauretta Hayden 

383 0467 
383 0837 
545 2223 

Dot Bresnaha.n 
Jane Wilder 
Rita Galvin 
Ellen Hertel 
Nita Strode 

545 2618 
545 5627 

Maytag — Amana — Kitchen Aid — Tappan — Kelvinator 


405 Route 3A 
Cohasset, Mass. 02025 

Senator Allan R. McKinnon 

My Sincerest Best 
Wishes to Each Member of 
The Class of 1977 




Good Luck to the 

onel A. Street 

Class of 1977 

Route 3A, Box No. 244 Li 

Cohasset, Mass. 02025 


Grace and S+eve Wigmore 

383-1600 Ja 

mes J. Cronin 

545 9299 


Best Wishes to the 
Senior Class 


Best Wishes to the 
Class of 1977 



to the 
Class of 1977 


The 1 87th Infantry Brigade is an active drilling Unit of the 

Your local unit of the 1 87th Infantry Brigade, the 1 87th 
Support Battallion, located in Hingham, Ma., offers 
challenge, training and pay if you can qualify in: 


Weapons Repair 

Radio and Telephone Repair 


Mechanics, Diesel and Automotive 
Combat Engineers 

For more information on the US ARMY RESERVE, Call in your 

Hingham, 749-6214 Brockton, 584 2858 
Boston, 542-6000, Ext. 140 

The US ARMY RESERVE offers young men and women an 
opportunity to serve their country while continuing their 
civilian occupations. 

o/^y GIFTS 

jg^k fc; Jewelry . . . Clothing 
^^F^F^^WjJ^^^. Pottery . . . Mugs 
J^^^m^^^^^^^^^N^ Decorative Accessories 

0^ WAi WfL and much, much more! 

^B^STlM *A j^^^fc Open 7 Days 
*&^^0^^^^^^^^S^^ Cohasset Village 

fUr 383 0729 

Still Giving Professional 


260 Jerusalem Road 
383 0965 


Dean & HamIIton, Inc. 

18 Elm Street Cohasset 383-6010 

Best Wishes to the Class of 1 977 

Best Wishes 
to the Class of 1977 

48 South Main Street, Cohasset, Massachusetts 

Telephone 383 0541 
383 0516 


Best Wishes 


Route 3A 

Cohasset, Massachusetts 

Established 1899 

Telephone 383-0316 


Painter and Paperhanger 

139 Border Street 



Ice Cream and Fine Foods 
Route 3A Cushing Plaza 


383 1942 


Best Wishes, Joanne 

Cushing Plaza 


Route 3A 



Robert S. Pape 

"Clothing for the 
Entire Family" 
545- 1 I I I 



Alice M. Mersch 
(617) 696-8888 / 383 1269 


25 High Street 

Milton, Ma. 02187 


15 Ledgewood Drive 
Cohasset, Ma. 02025 


I 15 Ripley Road 

Mike Abbruzzese 

Cohasset, Mass. 02025 

Compliments of 

Roger Porter 



Best Wishes 

to the 
Class of '77 

Best Wishes 

From the 

Compliments of 


Mr. and Mrs. William E. Kelley 



Compliments of 

Earle Higgins 

Dick Farwell 


Aluminum and Vinyl Siding 
Roofing, Shingling 

Drywall Installation 
General Carpentry 
and Remodeling 

Free Estimates 

Peter J. Collins 
425 S. Main Street 

UULinsurance agency 

Three Generations 

of Family Service Since 1898 


26 South Main Street Oldest Established 
Cohasset, Mass. 02025 Real Estate Office on the 
383-1900 South Shore 






Tel. 38J4M>36 
5-9 Brook Sii(Tl CohasseL Mass. 

Best Wishes to Our 

Rick White 
Neal O'Brien Bill Reynolds 

The Advertising Staff 
Please Patronize Our Advertisers 



1 8 Tupelo Road 
Cohasset, Massachusetts 

Vergreen 3-1246 Clifford Dickson, Pres.